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the outsiders characters

here are my character sketches for the people in 'the outsiders'. the only reason they are in a new prezi is because i didn't have room for them on my first one.

hailey spooner

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of the outsiders characters

These are the main characters in The Outsiders. The Outsiders Characters Sodapop Curtis Soda is the middle Curtis brother. he is 16 years old
and dropped out of school a few years ago. Everyone thinks he is extremely handsome, and he always has a smile on his face. he is a reckless, fun-loving person. Darrel 'darry' Curtis Darry is the oldest boy in the gang. He is also the
older brother of Soda and Pony, and he acts like a
father to them because their parents are dead. He is
also very hard on Ponyboy. Dallas 'Dally' Winston Dally the rebel of the group.
he does what he wants, whenever he wants, and ends up in jail a lot of the time because of it. He doesn't really care for anyone except Johnny, and he completely broke down when Johnny died. Steve Randle Steve has been Soda's best friend for as long as
anyone can remember. He is kind of a rude person,
but jokes around sometimes when he is with the gang.
Ponyboy and Steve don't care for each other very much. Keith 'two-bit' Matthews Two-bit is a quirky, childish boy who is always
making wise-cracks and joking around. he always
has to put his two-bits in, and that is how he got his
nickname. Johnny Cade Ponyboy Curtis Ponyboy is a kind 14 year old who loves books
and sunsets. He is the youngest in his 'gang', and has
a soft heart for certain things in life. Sherri 'cherry' Valance Johnny is a 16 year old boy who has a very tough life. his parents don't care for him, so all he has are his friends. He follows everybody's actions, but he hates fighting. Cherry is a Soc who helps out the Greasers. She is very nice to them throughout the book, and becomes a spy for them before the rumble. She definitely one of the better socs.
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