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Ghost Recon: Combat Ops

No description

jose ricardo dos remedios

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Ghost Recon: Combat Ops

Ghost Recon: Combat Ops This Book's setting is in modern day Afghanistan, under and above ground in the cities of Kandahar, Senjaray, and Sangsar. Most of the action takes place in the underground and mountain tunnels. PERSONAL OPINION SETTING Zahed is corrupting the Afghan governments and creating trust with the citizens. Then he starts telling them that the occupying american soldiers that are trying to help them are bad and should either leave or die. This leads to the U.S. government sending The Ghosts to kill him. CONFLICT/PROBLEM 1.Warris kills Ramirez in the tunnels and claims he lost him
2.Scott rescues Shilmani's daughter who was kidnapped by the Taliban
3.Scott finds Zahed outside of his mansion. FALLING ACTION In the end Scott kills Zahed and shoots Bronco but lets him live so he can be arrested because he finds out that he is secretly and illegally dealing with Zahed, and Scott gets arrested for shooting Zahed while he was unarmed and defying orders multiple times. RESOLUTION What I liked about this book was the amazing cast of characters. If I could change anything it would be the language being used, though it is understandable since this isn't a book for my age/grade level. What I learned from this book was that as long as you have friends by your side you can accomplish anything. I would recommend this book to people who are fans of action, deception, and plot twists because this book has a lot of that.This book was so well written that I couldn't put it down it was so good. CHARACTERS RISING ACTION 1.Matt Beasley dies on a mine sweeping accident
2.The ghosts get separated from Warris in the tunnels, and Warris is captured by the Taliban
3.Ramirez kills an ally soldier
4.The ghost's go out on a search and rescue mission to save Warris and stop the Taliban CLIMAX Scott Mitchell- Veteran Soldier and "Ghost Lead"
Ramirez- A very headstrong soldier and Mitchell's most reliable teammate
Commander Gordon- Ghost commander
Mullah Mohammed Zahed- Taliban commander and the main target of the ghosts
Simon Harruck- Scott's best friend and superior
Bronco- C.I.A. agent that helps Zahed money and weapons for intelligence
Fred Warris- Sent by Gordon to relieve Scott of his duties.
My favorite character was Scott because he is the leader of the ghosts and a very interesting personality
I can relate to Ramirez because I, like him, sometimes rush into situations without thinking first.
I have felt the same as Scott before when he had to keep a secret so bad that if he told he will get killed. Though in my situation I wouldn't get killed if I told anyone. During the Climax Scott gets trapped in the tunnels and finds Shilmani's Daughter who brings him into a secret tunnel that leads to Zahed's house where he should be.
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