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Transition Words

No description

Koslynn Ivey

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Transition Words

Today we are going to teach you this method that will help you remember 3 different types of transition words.

green stands
for the beginning

yellow stands
for the middle

red stands
for the end

Traffic Light Transitions
You use time signals to show readers the order in which events occurred.
Green Light
You could use any of these words to introduce a sentence in the beginning of your paper.
Transition Words
Transitions are words or phrases used to connect one idea to the next.
By, Koslynn, Trevor, Brad, Luis, and Marc
Transition Words
Yellow Light
You could use any of these words to introduce a sentence in the middle of your paper.
Red Light
You could use any of these words to introduce a sentence at the end of your paper.
for example:
I will show you how to use a few of these words in a sentence.
On Sunday, I decided to bake cookies for my grandma.

To start, I gathered all the ingredients I needed.
I will show you how to use a few of these words in a sentence.
Next, I mixed all the ingredients.

Then, I put balls of the cookie mix on the cookie sheet, and set the timer for 15 minutes.
I will show you how to use a few words in a sentence.
Finally, the timer finally went off and I got to take the cookies out of the oven.

At last, my grandma came over and she loved the cookies I made for her.
I will show you how to use one of these words in a sentence.
The next day, all the cookies I made were gone.

You may also use a phrase that includes dates.

"In June" or "In 1948"
Your Turn
Now that we have showed you six types of transition words we would like you to try and make three different sentences using the transition words below.
Transition Words
Of course there are many other types of transition words, but we picked ones that we feel are mostly used.
You use spatial signals to show readers how people, places, and things stand in relation to one another.
You use logical signals to show readers how your ideas are connected.
using these words you can move from top to bottom, from near to far, from left to right, and so on
Here are some examples of how to use words from the 1st box.
On top
of the table we have a vase full of flowers my grandma gave us.
Net to
my bed is a bookcase that also has flowers from my grandma.
one... another
as a result
even though
first.. second.. third
for instance
the least important
in fact
the most important
not only.. but also
You can move from the least important idea to the most important idea or from the least familiar idea to the most familiar idea.
I will show you how to use a few of these words in a sentence.
Certain strategies can help you make the perfect cookie.
, you need to get the right ingredients.
, you need to follow the directions.
, you need to make the cookies with love.
the image above shows what transitions are mostly used for.
also the most important
later the least important
behind as soon as
for example when
although finally
after all first
instead next

We will give you 4 minutes to complete the sentences and then we will call on random people.
if you have any questions raise your hand.
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