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Payton Willis

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of SS6G13

Australia Population Climate Location Residents usually lodge where weather is reasonable for many reasons such as: natural resource production, fishing near the coasts, and many others. Fair weather is good for crop growing. Climate Location Australia's location helps it trade with other countries. It's an island so many other countries can trade with Australia easily. Fishing is also a good advantage of living on the coast. Lying on the coast
can help the fishing
industry to export to other countries It can also
help the trading
industry with
other countries. THE END Many people live on the southeastern coast because of better climates,resources,and it is good for the trading industry. Living on the coast helps Australia have access to many countries for trade. Many trading partners of Australia are China,Indonesia,United States, and many countries in Europe A few natural resources of Australia are gold, diamonds, natural gas, oil and wool.
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