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Ray Kroc

No description

Leigh Humphrey

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Ray Kroc

October 5, 1902 Life Changing Event First McDonalds! Struggle of a Business Man Hamburger University Trying out another hobby McDonalds accomplishments 1984 . When Kroc was a little kid
he was taken to a Phrenologist
by his father
.Wanted to be in the WWI, came
in to late
. Joined Tulip Cup Company and
sold paper cups and the milkshake
machines he invented . San Bernadine CA.
. Richard and Maurice McDonald
. Recieved 1.4 percent of profit .1955
. Opening day $366.12
. Chicago, Illinois . Many were criticizing Kroc and McDonalds
. Burger King, Big Boy, Dairy Queen
. Had to get a loan to buy out McDonalds brothers
. Fred Turner, June Martino and Harry Sonneborn . Strived for the best hamburger
. Opened in 1962
. Test foods . Became owner of San Diego Padres
. In 1973 became American of the Year . In 1965 McDonalds was in 44 of 50 states
. In 1968 over 1,000 nationwide
. In 1971 McDonalds landed in Japan and
. The 3,000 McDonalds was built in London,
England . Ray Kroc dies of a heart disease
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