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NGSS & the NYS Science Strategic Plan

Presentation for the Erie 1 BOCES Administrative Service & WNY STEM HUB STEM Exposition

Don Haas

on 30 October 2016

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Transcript of NGSS & the NYS Science Strategic Plan

About the NGSS (3)
A brand new resource (2015) from the National Research Council:
About the NGSS (1)
About the NGSS (2)
Performance Expectations
What goes into making standards?
Strategic Plan (3)
Six Critical Components
Professional Development to Enhance Instruction
Materials and Resource Support
Administrative and Community Support
Session Overview:
Statewide Strategic Plan for Science and P-12 Science Learning Standards (accepted by the Regents on January 12, 2015 ).
NGSS & the NYS Science Strategic Plan:
Implications for Teachers

Strategic Plan (1)
It's here: http://www.regents.nysed.gov/meetings/2015Meetings/January/115p12a1.pdf
Current NYS standards were adopted in 1996.
Strategic Plan (3)
Professional Development
"...recommend a minimum allocation of time toward teacher participation in science pedagogical content knowledge-based PD."
Appendix K of NGSS notes, “The goal is not to teach the PEs, but rather to prepare students to be able to perform them by the end of the grade band course sequence.” It’s important to understand the basic three-dimensional structure of the NGSS before looking at the PEs or DCIs.
Don Duggan-Haas, PhD
Director of Teacher Programs

Selected highlights from the Strategic Plan
About the NGSS
Professional Development
Getting ready for what comes next:
Thinking in systems
Winter 2015
Determine core science content, conceptual understandings, and practices required of all students.
Benchmark student expectations.
Determine architecture of standards document.
Spring 2015
Write draft standards.
Summer 2015
Post draft standards for stakeholder review and comment.
Fall 2015
Revise standards, based on review and comment.
Winter 2016
Propose science learning standards for Board of Regents’ adoption.
That's almost 20 years...
NY is a Lead State Partner for NGSS
The plan was approved by the Regents at the January meeting, meaning standards development began this summer!
Strategic Plan (2):
(from page 6)
NGSS-ish language
"Provide funding opportunities for teachers and leaders to participate in sustained, online or on-site professional development institutes, professional learning communities, courses, and/or workshops during the school year."
Three Dimensions:
A few words about
systems and antidisciplinarity...
Connections amongst topics may be as important as topics themselves.
Consider climate, energy, and water.
Nothing that really matters in this world can be deeply understood from the perspective of just one discipline.
Not just in science, but also in schools and the broader educational system.
It is more important to understand a few big ideas deeply than it is to know lots of facts.
Scientific and Engineering Practices;
Four Disciplinary Domains:
the physical sciences;
Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs)
Crosscutting Concepts; and;
engineering, technology and applications of science.
the Earth and space sciences; and;
the life sciences;
Big Conceptual Shifts:
Systems thinking and interdisciplinarity are pervasive in the standards.
Three dimensions of equal importance, one of which is (almost) what we think of as traditional school science disciplines.
It takes years of coordinated effort to build deep understanding of big ideas.
It's really meant to be read online:
Good golly!
How are we gonna do that?
That's not something I can explain in the next few minutes!
But we can maybe get pointed in the right direction.
Why does this place look the way it does?
Virtual Fieldwork Experinces (VFEs)
Click link!
a new
Virtual Fieldwork
Not one-shot deals!
A new discipline!
(opens in a new window - exit full screen mode to see!)
Spend some time exploring!
Learn how to make and
use VFEs here:
VFE resource overview:
More about PRI
A seven minute video on our outreach:
Selected resources:
Coming 2016!
The Teacher Friendly Guides
A series of seven regional guides that collectively cover the entire US
Some Newer NGSS Resources:
NGSS High School Evidence Statements:
Classroom Sample Tasks:
(under the IMPLEMENTATION tab on NGSS website):
EQuIP Rubric:
Hundreds or thousands involved and everyone wants to make sure they're favorite topic is included.
And if you leave something out,
they think you're a jerk!
A few months behind schedule. as I understand it.
Like today!
See the PEEC Standards for a nice description of NGSS's innovations:
Let's look!
The goal is for students to explain real-world phenomena and design solutions to problems using their understanding of the DCIs, CCCs, and SEPs.
"Shifting school programs to support the implementation of the NGSS will require many changes. The best response to this challenge would be to design brand new school science programs."
PEEC Standards:
First, we might
consider the mismatch between NGSS and the structure of schools...
Survey in December???
Or: http://bit.ly/SameObstacles
Includes, "pre-mortem" to help us think about mistakes before we make them.
"The Obstacles are
Largely the Same: On Climate Change and School Reform"
Draft has added 14 PEs, 9 of which are commencement level; deleted 1 or 2 PEs.
A show of hands --
1. I know the name of the NGSS, but that's about it.
2. I've looked at it, but I'm not really familiar.
3. I'm familiar, but not expert.
4. I know the NGSS inside and out.
Full transcript