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The Pied Piper

No description

sirena frost

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper Many countries like Austria, China, Denmark, England, and Syria have their own version of the Pied Piper. The Children of Hameln Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm It was the year 1284 when a strange and wondrous figure arrived in Hameln. He was attired in a coat of many colours and was taken to be a rat catcher, as he promised to free the town of a plague of rats and mice for a fixed sum of money.
The citizens pledged to pay him his fee, so the visitor produced a pipe and began to play. Soon all the rats and mice came running out of the houses and gathered around the Pied Piper in a teeming mass. Once convinced that each and every one followed, he went out of the town straight into the River Weser where the vermin plunged after him and drowned.
The townspeople, however, now freed of the plague, regretted their promise and refused to pay the Piper, who left Hameln in a bitter mood.
On the 26th of June in that year he returned, this time dressed as a huntsman, wearing a grim countenance and a wondrous red hat. While the townsfolk were assembled in the church, he again sounded his pipe in the streets.
But it was not rats and mice who came out this time, but children! A great many boys and girls older than four came running and were led through the Ostertor gate into the very heart of a hill where they all disappeared. Only two children returned because they could not keep up: one was blind and could not show where the others had gone, the other dumb and not able to tell the secret. A last little boy had come back to fetch his coat and so escaped the calamity. Some tell that the children were led into a great cavern and reappeared in Transylvania. A total of 130 children were lost. Where Have All the Children Gone? The main character is a twelve year old girl named Frankie who just moved to a new town. The town soon suffers from a small misfortune when a lonely elderly woman in the neighborhood passes away. They eventually realize that she was an extreme hoarder. When the items from the old woman's house are removed, the pests that have been living in the home are disturbed and spread to the neighboring houses. Rick is a professional exterminator brought in by the townspeople to get rid of the infestation. He drives a bright green van with an expensive stereo. Immediately, Rick is a huge hit with everyone in the neighborhood. The kids are drawn to him because of his vehicle and stereo system. Frankie sees a group of kids climb into Rick's van and she tells her mother. The cops were called, but it was too late. The children were gone forever. My Story Original Story Morals History of the Pied Piper Deconstruction of the Pied Piper Excerpts The radio The fife The exterminator The rat cathcer Bright colored van Colorful clothing Children are not to be blamed for the faults of their parents. The importance of a promise. Every June 26 since the year 1284, the German town of Hamelin celebrates Rat Catcher's Day. The street where the children were supposedly seen last is known as "the street without drums" because no one is allowed to dance or play music there. In the year 1300, a stained glass window was placed in the central market church in Hamelin. It pictures a man wearing bright colored clothing surrounded by children. The script below the picture says "In the year of 1284, on John's and Paul's day was the 26th of June. By a piper, dressed in all kind of colors, 130 children born in Hamelin were seduced and lost at the calvarie near the koppen." Why did the pied piper kidnap the children? It seems like it was his intent all along. He could have just held the children for ransom. That way he would have definitely received his payment. The Children of Hamelin "He sounded his fife in the streets, but this time it wasn't rats and mice that came to him, but rather children: a great number of boys and girls from their fourth year on." Where Have All the Children Gone? "Rick drove into town in his bright colored van with his expensive radio blaring music. I watched from my bedroom window as all of the neighborhood kids mobbed around the ostentatious van."
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