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stuff about Ypres

Usamah Tarar

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of history

have been very busy in our drill just before the great battle of Ypres. checked us by using poisonous gases lost a great many men have been very busy in our drill just before the great battle of Ypres. Major, died since of wounds. Major Sanderman and Lieut. Simpson severely wounded, Lieut. Mason killed in action great many killed and a very large number wounded used gases to shift us we came back with such force that we mowed them down like a mowing machine mows down hay do not know how I came to be alive today helped to carry our wounded soldiers from the trenches into safety we would to back again under heavy shell fire we were in the trenches 22 days second brigade contains the following battalions, 5th, 7th, 8th, and tenth battalions under the command of General Currie of Vancouver, B.C.
After the battle we did not know just where to find our battalion, we were all mixed up with French and English soldiers, We are about 20 miles back of the firing line resting a bit, and we can still hear the roar of the big guns, and in the evening all the boys join in singing hymns and speaking of the boys which are dead and wounded, although there were about a dozen taken prisoners but got away again. We got a number of German prisoners as well.

people in this country are very good to me. in France and Belgium was pitiful to see the ruins caused by the Germans. 2nd Battle of Ypres The Canadians fought through using urine-soaked handkerchiefs as primitive gas masks, (for the ammonia in the urine would react with the chlorine, neutralizing it and the water would dissolve the chlorine allowing the soldiers to breathe.)
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