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the teacher's perspective

Mari Sakai

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of TBLT

(Individual) Differences Teacher Beliefs Complexity of
TBLT Implementation Teacher Beliefs Pedagogic Task Task: What's in my pocket? Group Work What are the teachers DOING?
Is it BENEFICIAL or DETRIMENTAL to ideal task implementation? Solution Best Practices and Teacher Training Current Language Education TBLT from the teacher's perspective TBLT Skill and Experience content knowledge, methodology, and classroom management Learners Enforcement of Packaged Syllabus Context time, materials, space Control Teachers are "active thinking decision-makers who make instructional choices by drawing on complex, practically-oriented, personalized, and context-sensitive networks of knowledge, thoughts and beliefs" (Borg, 2003). Samuda (2001) = training circulating during group work
procedural guidance
encourage authentic student interaction
relating vocab to students' lives
recasts, not explicit error correction
individualized instruction
visual support
elaboration through Qs
asking questions
balance meaning/form accuracy demands at beginning
(teacher tangents?)
group work -> teacher-centered discussion
control issues
reverting to old fashioned methods 1 2 3 4 Take-Away Points visual support active learners introducing new form explicit metalinguistic
explanations implicit feedback prompting semantic enhancement Traditional
Language Classrooms How do your teaching beliefs fit with current language teaching methods? What are some problems of the traditional methods? There is deliberate planning and action at every stage of a pedagogic task. Some best practices of the TBLT teacher are aided by training. Feedback and FonF can occur at any stage of the task. We are not stuck in the status quo.
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