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Generational Differences

EDCT 790

Jamie Smith

on 26 September 2010

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Transcript of Generational Differences

Generational Differences What defines a Generation ? historical experiences

economic & social conditions

other common societal changes People born within a 20 year period
share characteristics based on: EDCT 790 . Labels Matures . . Baby Boomers Gen X Millennials
born 1925-1945 born 1946-1964 born 1965-1980 born 1981-2000 Gen Z
born 2001-present research? bit.ly/genquiz sign of the times politics, societal changes,
pop culture member characteristics,
attitudes & dispositions Boomers assassinations, anti-war protests,
civil rights, sexual revolution,
recreational drugs, women's movement Challenger explosion, AIDS,
home computer, single-parent families,
fall of the Berlin Wall, consumers of media Gen X Millennials widespread internet, 9/11, war on terror,
school shootings, helicopter parenting,
cultural diversity, producers of media
implications for instructional design ? Who are the learners and what are your specific objectives?
In what environment will you be teaching and what resources will you utilize?
What instructional strategies/learning activities will you employ?
What are your planned practice and assessment provisions?
How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your lesson? (Consider attitudes and dispositions in additional to learning gains.)
Mission: Teach your group of college candidates a lesson focusing on
Classroom Management.
You are in charge of the details, but be prepared to discuss a rationale for your decisions.
Each member of the group will need to address one of the following points: bit.ly/babyboomer bit.ly/gen-x bit.ly/gen-y
Perceived membership
beginning in adolescence WARNING: ______ ______ ______ NOT A ROCK ! ethnicity SES gender values disabilities talents motivation learning styles know the learner research flaws... socio-economic status
level of education self-reports
anecdotal evidence
gross generalizations drastically conflicting
assumptions and
predictions G enerational eneralizations Exaggerate gaps between youth and adults

Mask important intra-generational differences

Ignore important intra-generational digital divides so why did we just talk about this for an great... Hour? point of reference from which to start understanding
differences & preferences communication feedback learning style
In order to design
and instruction...
meaningful effective
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