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Justice and Mercy; The Merchant of Venice.

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Isla Fraser

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Justice and Mercy; The Merchant of Venice.

THE MERCHANT OF VENICE William Shakespeare These two concepts usually do not work together but in Shakespeare's Merchant Of Venice they are key in the development of the story. Shylock demands justice in his bond for Antonio's flesh, whereas Balthasar (Portia in disguise) asks him to consider the "quality of mercy". Justice and Mercy; conflict or cooperation? What Is Justice? What is Mercy? Justice is getting what is deserved.
This doesn't necessarily have to be revenge, it means punishing every person on the severity of the case, regardless of race or their place in society. Anyone who does the same wrong should be given the same penalty. Justice Mercy Mercy is showing compassion or forgiveness to someone when they have done something wrong. Not everyone will give mercy to the same person, depending on your opinion or role on a crime, for example; a robbery. The robber might of needed the stolen goods to help his/her family? Is this a justifiable reason to show mercy? Would you show the robber mercy? I njustice Injustice; the antonym of justice. It means 'the lack of fairness'. 'He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers it.' Plato. C urrent use Justice is used in day to day life but is mostly seen and heard of in court rooms. RUTHLESSNESS Ruthlessness is the motion of having no compassion or pity, being merciless. There are many examples in society of being ruthless, when being judged at a murder trial and your fate rests on the verdict of jury, that jury can either show mercy or be ruthless and incompassionate. Understanding Shakespeare's use of this concept Understanding justice can be tricky
because it is not an easy concept. Many
people understand justice to be revenge, a way of getting their own back on the offender(s) who did them wrong. But this is not always the case. Justice means literally what is says. To be'just' means to treat others fairly, to do what is right, an equal consideration of both sides of the case/argument etc. In his play, "The Merchant of Venice", Shakespeare focuses in on justice as a key concept in the tale. His character of Shylock, a Jewish moneylender, signed a bond with a once rich Christian merchant, Antonio. Shylock demands justice, he wants what by law, is rightfully his. He wants Antonio's flesh. He won't take what he is due, but he insists on justice, and therefore essentially revenge. Biblical theories The Hebrew word for “justice,” mishpat, appears in the Old Testament of the Bible around 200 times. In this holy book, its meaning is regarded as to treat people equally.
Mishpat, then, is giving people what they are due, whether punishment or protection or care. This is what the Bible explains justice as, not only handing out punishments but handing out help and caring for the vulnerable. EXAMPLES OF MERCY The Iranian women who got acid thrown in her face chose to show mercy on her attacker because she decided that on that day retribution was not the punishment for her attack, therefore saving him from having acid thrown in his face. After making her decision she said "I'm happy I pardoned him. For 7 years I've been trying to pursue retribution and to prove that the punishment for an acid attack is retribution, but today I pardoned him. This was my right but in the future the next victim might not do the same." HOW SHAKESPEARE USES MERCY Shakespeare uses mercy in his plays in order to help us understand the feelings of the character, not only showing the mercy, but receiving the mercy.
For example when Antonio shows Shylock mercy in the court case we see that Shakespeare is trying to represent Antonio as a caring character whilst presenting Shylock as broken and in need of help. The judge hears both sides and determines whether the criminal had a justified reason for committing the crime. Sadly in some cases, victims feel like justice hasn't been served to them like the Garry Walton, drowning case. When 2 parents split up you would usually think that the mother would get custody of the child etc but fathers weren't happy about this therefore Fathers For Justice was set up. Again another example of justice. E xamples of Justice There are too many examples of Justice to name them all so here is a case that justice hasn't been served yet. Personally, I think that justice hasn't been served. These parents' children have been killed in a place they should of been safe in. The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was one of the worst shootings in America. 20 children and 6 adults were brutally shot and killed. Now Barack Obama is now reviewing the law 'The right to bear arms' and is going to tighten the rules on gun ownership.
Is this Justice for the victims parents? The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting The gun-man was copying a video game and was trying to 'score the most points.' He then killed himself during the shooting because 'if someone else kills you they get your points.' If the gun-man was still alive would the influence of video games be a justifiable reason for the judge to give him a smaller sentence? An English project by
Belinda Collington,
Erin McRitchie and Isla
Fraser Hope you enjoyed our
Justice and Mercy Prezi. CURRENT USAGE OF MERCY IN SOCIETY TODAY There are many examples of mercy in current society, whether it be something like not telling on someone who hit you in the playground or saving someone from a jail life sentence.
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