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MAGGI instant noodles

(miterm paper presentation)

Brixie Joy Hidalgo

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of MAGGI instant noodles

Situation Analysis
Current Brand Strategy
Current Marketing Strategy Maggi
Instant Noodles Industry Trends There are many local and imported brands of instant noodles in the country, which are locally known as "Instant Mami", after the Philippine version of chicken noodle soup. Brands in the Philippines include Lucky Me, Payless, Nissin, QuickChow, and Ho-Mi. They are sold in packets, sealed cups or sealed foam food containers. Because of their fast preparation and affordability, instant noodles are popular as a quick snack or for breakfast.
Instant noodles are usually eaten by citizens who buy instant noodles for fast merienda or snacks in the offices or schools, and also for breakfast because of its fast preparation and affordability. Another variation of instant noodles in the Philippines is the pancit canton or stirfried noodles resembling the local Pancit or pansit. The noodles are boiled and water is drained, then a flavoring powder with soysauce and bits of carrot and celery are added to it. Instant noodles had become a norm to Filipino daily life because of its affordability and taste. Competitors Lucky Me! The consumption of instant noodles on the list of basic necessities under Republic Act No. 7581 or the Price Act for the purpose of protecting consumers against undue price increases during calamities, emergency, widespread illegal price manipulation and other similar situations.
At present, RA 7581 lists basic necessities the following items: rice; corn; bread; fresh, dried and canned fish and other marine products; fresh pork, beef and poultry meal; fresh eggs; fresh and processed milk; fresh vegetables; root crops; coffee; sugar; cooking oil; salt; laundry soap; detergents; firewood; charcoal; candles; and drugs classified as essential by the Department of Health.
The demand for noodles, which is now produced in 80 countries, continues to increase. In particular, instant noodle has become the new staple for many poor Filipino families because it is cheaper and easier to prepare than rice. Thus, the availability of instant noodles at reasonable prices have to be ensured, particularly during calamities and other emergencies. Situation
Analysis A. Industry Trends
B. Competitors
C. SWOT Analysis Nissin "Lucky me!" has the biggest share in the market in the industry of noodles here in the Philippines. Leading the industry of instant noodles in the country, Monde Nissin Corp has provided good quality products that targets Filipino families over the years. Nissin is brand of instant noodles manufactured by an international company, Nissin Food Products Company Ltd. Since it is a company based in Osaka, Japan, it is a famous brand in Japan having a 40% percent market share despite its 500 competitors. Moreover, the company is also a distributor of instant noodles in different countries including Philippines. Current Brand Strategy A. Brand Name Description
B. Brand Positioning
C. Brand Image/Brand Value
D. Brand Relationship with Consumers
E. Target MarketCurrent Brand Strategy CBBE DIAGRAM Brand name Description: Maggi noodles is one of the world’s popular instant noodle brands. It is owned by Nestlé and is majorly sold in Australia, South Africa, India, Brazil, Brunei, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and Fiji. It is also called Maggi Mee in some countries. It is sold under the brand name Maggi which markets soups, broths, stocks, ketchup, coconut milk powder and instant noodles. Maggi noodles were created in Switzerland in around 1895. Julius Maggi invented this snack. It was only in 1947 that Maggi merged into Nestle family. It was launched in India in the 1980’s by Nestle. Since then Maggi Noodles sales have consistently grown and today it is considered as a commodity. Maggi noodles have positioned itself as a “ready to eat” food brand under the snack category. Later on, Maggi noodles came up with a new positioning which is taste - oriented targeted to kids and also to women (housewives) on the base of convenience. Thus, the product was positioned as a 'convenience product', for mothers and as a 'fun' product for children. Brand Positioning: Brand Image/Brand Value: As an instant snack product, Maggi noodles came up with different taglines such as 'Fast to Cook, Good to Eat', ‘Mom, I’m hungry’ and ‘2 minute noodles’ which effectively supported the advantage of using the product. Brand Relationship with Consumers: Maggi noodles have become a household name over the years. In spite of the efforts to position the brand as a healthy product, it is still perceived by consumers as a “ready to eat” snack brand. Target Market: It was revealed through a study that it is the children who liked the taste of the Maggi noodles, making them the largest consumers of the product. Thus, making them the primary target of Maggi. Other than them, the Maggi brand noodle brand also targets the youth(studying age); young adults, office goers and working women who all want convenience and something instant to eat to get a fast relief from hunger. Current
Marketing Strategy Maggi Noodles is a brand of instant noodle that is manufactured by Nestle. Their tagline for this brand is “Fast to Cook & Good to Eat”. In the early years of Maggi Noodles, they positioned their product as a very healthy fast food in the market. Later on, Nestle have found out that their product attract the children more, so, they targeted children by promoting Maggi Noodles in schools. Here are some points of Maggi Noodles marketing mix: Product We all know that Maggi Noodles is a brand of noodle that is easy to prepare. Maggi Noodles sells their products to children, parents, families and individuals who are on the go and prefer to eat instant food to replace their diet meal so they would not be hungry on their way. Price Maggi Noodles set their pricing strategy on a very affordable price where their target market will favor the said product than their competitors’ product. Promotion Maggi Noodles promote their products by distributing free samples, giving gifts on return of empty packets, dry sampling – distributing Maggi packets, wet sampling – distributing cooked Maggi noodles. And also they promote Maggi Noodles through TV ads where parents will see how easy it is to prepare this noodles for their kids. Maggi Noodles will be typically found in a convenient stores like 7Eleven, Mini Stop, Select, etc. It can also be found in Supermakets in SM, Robinsons, WalterMart, and in any other malls with supermarkets. Place DELA CRUZ, JONDELL






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