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Fear of American Annexation

No description

buffy thevampireslayer

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Fear of American Annexation

is the physical take over of conquered territories as a part of a greater state policy of expansionism.
Annexation Bill
what is the Fear of Annexation?
In 1850, William Seward, the American Secretary of State during the Civil War, had been an annexationist.
He felt that BNA (British North America) was destined to become part of the United States.
They thought that invading BNA would give the the victories union army something to do.
People in the Northwest of canada were more serious in the possibilities of Annexaton.
In 1860 Seward praised the people of Ruperts land for conquering the wildness and creating a great state for American union.
In 1864 during the election, the population party used American to gain support from Irish Americans and land-hunger.
Fear of American Annexation

William Seward
An Annexation bill was introduced by General Banks was passed in the United States house of representatives of 1866.
It intended that the Unites States buy or obtain what is now Canada.
It called for the annexation of British North America and the admission of its provinces as states and territories in the Union.
The bill was not taken seriously by politicians
The bill never came to a vote in either House, although hoaxes to the contrary have long circulated in Canada. It was referred to committee and died there.
Nathaniel Prentice Banks
"The Annextion Engine"
-the BNA act was signed in 1867

-this created the Dominion of Canada, starting with the provinces: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

-Manitoba and British Columbia soon followed

-the fear of american annexation caused canada to want to get BC to join confederation
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