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Guerrilla Marketing

No description

Androne Daria

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing But what is it and what it means to you?
Old definition: GuERRILLA=MARKETING on the CHEAP
new definiton: CREATIVITY+pROXIMITY+RELEVANCE The concept is an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy, imagination and information rather than a big marketing budget! The term was coined and defined by:
Jay Conrad Levinson 19 Differences between Traditional Marketing and Guerrilla Marketing Traditional Guerrilla 1)primary investment is money primary investment is time, effort, creativity, and knowledge instead of money 2)designed for big business small business oriented 3)based on judgement and experience based on psychology and human nature 4)measures success by sales measures success by profits 5)grow your business and then diversify maintain your focus and continue to build market share 6)68% of business is lost because customers are ignored follow up and include your clients 7)"ME" marketing, it's all about my company it's all about "YOU" because it's all about you 8)How much money do you have at the end of the month? How much relationships do you have at the end of the month? 9)Advertising works Advertising is dead.Combinations of different types of advertising with other types of non-traditional marketing succeed. Guerrilla Marketing includes a variety of non-traditional media, such as:

Reverse Graffiti
Viral Marketing
Buzz Marketing
Wait Marketing

and so on..... Gum Litter Task Force
-study case- Mission: to hightlight that dopping gum is litter and can result in a 150euros fine!!!!! Result: according to their site, they are getting results with a 36% decrease in Gum litter reported in 2008. There are more other compaigns...especially social-campaigns aimed to raise awareness in serious problems, such as: Environment Blood donation or emergency preparedness... Or prevent cycling accidents in New York... For or against Guerrilla Markting? is low cost
attracts attention
innovative in a saturated advertised market
measurement of results may offend some people
may not reach as many people What about the future of Guerrilla Marketing? It will be nice to think that Guerrilla Marketing will take a different turn... less shocking So, be creative and get out of the box... more personal
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