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The Best of Me in the Future

No description

Purva Amin

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of The Best of Me in the Future

The Best of Me in the Future
Five Years From Now
In five years' time, I will be attending the University of Toronto, or the University of Waterloo. I see myself doing Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. In high school, I would have successfully completed courses like advanced functions and calculus/vectors, chemistry, and biology. I would have also volunteered at a pharmacy, and a hospital for experience. I might face changes and transitions, for example, I might receive low marks on an important course, but I will follow the following steps to manage change: analyze the situation, thing flexibly, identify problems, adapt my plan, sustain motivation, and engage others.

Ten Years From Now
In ten years' time, I will be doing an internship program. It is one of the requirements to become a pharmacist. By now, I would have received a bachelor's degree in pharmacy. I would have passed the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada exam, or I would be preparing for it. This prediction is based on my plan, but if I had to face any transitions or changes in university, for example if I had failed in one of my courses, I would have dealt with it positively and still reached this point in my life. I would have found an alternative in order to reach my dream career.
Fifteen Years From Now
In fifteen years' time, I would have found a job as a pharmacist in a retail store, pharmacy, or at a hospital. I would have achieved my dream career and completed all the requirements to become a pharmacist: a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, an internship, and passed the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada exam. Even if I had faced changes throughout this journey, I would have still been successful, because I wouldn't have given up, and taken everything positively.
Twenty Years From Now
In twenty years' time, my career would be set, and I would have settled down with my family. I might still face changes and challenges, but I will continue to face these problems positively. For example, I might lose my job, but I would not give up and instead, I would look for another job. I believe that all challenges have solutions and all transitions or changes can be handled in a positive manner. I will continue to believe this throughout my life, so that I can overcome changes, transitions, and challenges to achieve success.
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