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STUDY GUIDE – Rise to Globalism- Reagan & the Evil Empire (C

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Gabriel Rogoff

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of STUDY GUIDE – Rise to Globalism- Reagan & the Evil Empire (C

Ronald Reagan elected 1980 Proposed a firm global anti-Communist Doctrine
-Escalated the Arms Race
-Massive Defense Spending Increased Defense expenditures
Teflon President
-Dual policy in Middle East of Support for Israel and Israeli interests as ally to US in Middle East while also supporting Middle East dictators and cutting deals with Iran in the interest of US security. Reagan had few successes in the middle east.

Lebanon:The US sent insufficient forces of Marines to Lebanon who became hostages, instead of peacemakers. Following the capture of U.S. marines, the US sent. war ships just outside Beirut. The fighting among multiple factions then escalated even further and Reagan was eventually forced to withdraw. American presence in Lebanon was incendiary. Reagan didn’t make peace in Lebanon or positively impact the region.
Reagan leaves US with $3trillion Debt
(heavy borrowing from Japan)

U.S. and Central America
GRENADA (1983)
-US Kills Prime Minister Maurice Bishop
-1,900 US marines invade and dispose general Austin.
-Reagan success in preventing spread of communism.

Soviet Union Foriegn Policy
-War in Afghanistan (1979)
-Reagan announces agreement with Soviets over withdrawal of Red Army from Afghanistan (1988)

Soviet Union forced Polish Army to impose Martial Law on Poland (1981) – Reagan could do nothing.

US Puts Cruise Missiles in Western Europe to match Soviet missies in Eastern Europe (1979)
_Europe is the battleground if Soviet –US War were to break out

US-Soviet Nuclear Missile Reduction Discussions

US Sanctions against Soviet Union for invasion of Afghanistan

SALT II Negotiations over arms control

Thawing out of the cold war between US and Soviet Union

INF Treaty (1987):
Treaty signed between Soviet and US that eliminated the intermediate range missiles

IRAN-IRAQ WAR- Stalemate Policy
-Saddam Hussein (President of Iraq until 2003) feared Iranian Revolution
-Saddam (Iraq) invaded Iran
-US provides Intelligence for Iraq
-US did not want Iraq to gain control of Iran
-US sent Air Missiles to Iran

Persian Gulf War (1990)-Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait because the oil prices went down; Kuwait wanted the money they lent to Iraq
US provides covert support (intelligence) to British
-US UN Ambassador supports Brits in heated debates in United Nations

-US supports Contras “Freedom Fighters” -to fight spread of communism
-US sends extended & increased military aid, advisors
Military Dictatorship in Guatemala (Base camp for Contras to fight in Nicaragua)

Boland Amendment
prohibiting use of US funds for purpose of overthrowing the Govt of Nicaragua or provoking a war between Nicaragua and Honduras.
Iran Contra Affair -Reagan sold weapons to Iran (Ayatollah Khomeini) (surface-to-air missiles) and used the money to funnel secretly to Nicaraguan Contras. Iran would pay triple for weapons.
US & World Economy
Reagan Spends on SDI

Reagan increased defense spending by 40 percent

U.S. Constructive Engagement in South Africa

-Encourage American Investment
-Support corporations that provided jobs for black workers, paid fair wages, and made some room in management for blacks

STUDY GUIDE – Rise to Globalism- Reagan & the Evil Empire (Chap 15)
(Time Period: 1980-1989)

Gabriel Rogoff and Victor Udoji

Important people to Know
President Reagan:
• US President during the 80’s
• Hardliner on Communism
• Heavy on arms race
• “The Teflon president”
• Referred to Soviet Union as “Evil Empire” and wanted to roll back communism.

• General Secretary Of Soviet Union
• After realizing that the Soviet Union was spending excessively on the arms race because Reagan was escalating the arms race, Gorbachev – became willing to work with Reagan to reduce global nuclear arsenals and was in favor of banning Soviet nuclear testing.
• Did not like Reagan but he had to respect him

Saddam Hussein:
• Iraq
• President of Iraq up until 2003
• At the time, he still had a decent relationship with the United States.
Maintained power during the Iran-Iraq War.

Important Questions to Understand
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