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Collaborative learning

No description

Stacy I

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Collaborative learning



4th grade of DDMN Primary school in Chania, Greece,
project "Sea pollution by oil"
Project planning
(by the teacher)
Project planning
(by the students)
Running the experiment
Assessment by students and teacher
1. Deal with an authentic problem
2. Experiment
3. Find how we can remove oil from the sea
4. Use ICT (Tablets)
5. Work collaboratively
1) Group forming
2) Set the timetable of the project
3) Inform about the experiment materials and the procedures
1) Find the name of the group (essential in order to have an identity)
2) Find the representive for informing the teacher about the procedure
3) Give the group members activities (who is the chief of the group, who brings the experiment materials, who takes notes on the tablet, who takes photos)

1) Time to run the experiment as planned
2) Deal with unexpected issues
3) Inform the other groups of the stages of the experiment
4) Write down the results of the experiment in the paper / tablet

1) Compare the hypothesis of the experiment with the results
2) Present the results to other groups
3) Self assessment
4) Group feedback (what went wrong, what was good, what we should take care of in the future)

Primary teacher: Stavroula Lada
Module 3
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