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Have you heard?!?

No description

Jaimie Novak

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Have you heard?!?

Have you heard?!?
The VERB is the word!
What's a Verb?
A verb is an action word! Of course we know that.

Did you know that SPECIFIC verbs make a STRONG paper?
Here is a
The boy looked in his backyard in search of his missing Frisbee.
Here is a SPECIFIC verb making a STRONG sentence!
The boy
his backyard in search of his missing Frisbee.
To practice using strong verbs in our personal narratives!!!
What's the difference?
Adding a STRONG verb can help bring more excitement to your sentence.
It can give the reader a more vivid picture in their mind while reading.
Specific verbs also ELIMINATE wordiness.
Sometimes, we use a combination of verbs and adverbs in a sentence. A
verb used instead will eliminate the wordiness!
For example:
Think about it. Which sentence gave you a more interesting picture in your mind?
She uses time wisely when writing personal narratives.

Is wordier than...

time when writing personal narratives.
Let's explore some specific verbs!!!
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