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Strength-Based and Interdisciplinary Assessment for

No description

Michael Cameron

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Strength-Based and Interdisciplinary Assessment for

Case Study: Mikhail
Wood Gouging with Fingernails
Strength-Based and Interdisciplinary Assessment for
Increasing Recreational Opportunities and Social Skills
Katrina Hille, M.S, BCBA Regional Clinical Director
Michael J. Cameron, Ph.D., BCBA-D Chief Clinical Officer

Pacific Child and Family Associates
New Mexico

Why Recreation and Lesiure Matters
Improves and enriches quality of life
Promotes family cohesiveness
Activities can function as a medium for promoting motivation and social interaction
Strength-Based Instruction
"If we ask people to look for deficits, they will usually find them, and their view of the situation will be colored by this. If we ask people to look for successes, they will usually find it, and their view of the situation will be colored by this".
Kral - 1989
The Interdisciplinary Team
Occupational Therapy
Hand-eye coordination
Hand strength
Visual acuity
Maintain balance while reaching
Range of motion
Equilibrium and protective reactions
Spontaneous speech
Articulation with energy

Speech and Language
Task analysis
Scratch Art
Peer and Artist
Late Night Art
Sport Statistics
Behavioral Cusp:
The Art and Science of Outcomes

Reduction in behavioral excesses
(e.g., gouging)
Increased time spent on recreational
activities and engagement with other people (multiple people impacted)
Promote social engagement
Choice Making and
Multiple Baseline
Rock Climbing
Strength-Based Assessment
Role Reversal Imitation
Shaping Skill Performance
Laser Light
Results of Task Analysis and
Behavior Analysis for Quality of Life
Rock Walls, Pickle Balls, and
Family Togetherness
The Value of the Interdisciplinary Team
and Strength-Based Assessment
Behavioral Cusp

Access to new reinforcers
New Contingencies
New environments
Generativeness of new related behaviors
Competition with other forms of behavior
Impacts other people
Behavior change is supported
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