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Copy of Google Search Tricks

Use the Google search box to find exactly what you're looking for, including answers to math problems and the current weather.

Juan Ramos

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Google Search Tricks

Asimov Design directions "SMART MODULE"

UI back LEDStSt look frame on UI
WD gravitational
Transparent Paddle
Quick Access
CFM module ( “t” overlay )
Drop tray with StSt loof (in front )
UI back LED,
StSt look frame on UI
WD gravitational
Transparent Paddle
Quick Access
CFM module ( “t” overlay )
Drop tray with StSt loof (in front )
Content: CFM´s:
All colors will be monochromatic but with difference in contrast like Glossy/Matte, etc... Understand & gather information in a process to Diverse and diverge. discover: Demonstrate the way to get the proposals within the Company factors to approve in next stages. Define: Visualize the design into a realistic way: virtual renders, prototypes, etc... develop Release full Design spects to Engineering & production Areas. deliver Ensure clear definitions to accomplish the Target cost for projects. be on Cost Create a clear callendar with activities & description, that link functions and task forces to realize the design in time for Tollgates & for Production. be on Time: Expert design at product Input a math expression for Google to solve. arithmetic ADDITION:
Entering 2+5 returns 7

Entering 2009-25 returns 1984

Entering 365*5 returns 1825

Entering 100/5 returns 20

Entering 4^2 returns 16

Entering 17%5 returns 2 (the remainder after division) Use Google to convert expressions with different units. conversion http://www.googleguide.com/calculator.html Learn lots more about using Google as a calculator: Slim-Bin options INTERNAL PARTS WITH COLOR:
Air Vents: Universal Silver
Water Tank Cover Lid: Lazer blue
Twist Ice knobs: Lazer blue
Temp Control knob: Universal Silver
The module was designed in order to be slided from left to right, in order to be more accurate to the user necessities.
This feature will allow 4 cans to be dispensed from outside of Quick Access door .
Will have the capability to be removed from the bottom part of the bin.
User can remove from Bin and Use it as a Portable can-rack!
“Slide separators”
This is a very simple separator that will help to user to divide the Bin areas in an easy way.
“Slide separators”
The separators were designed to have an easy mechanism to fix it into the Bin.
User can remove this separator from Bin if consider not usable.
“Slide-daily bin”
The idea to have a small daily bin, is to bring to consumers an Area isolated from odors and other flavors of refrigerators.
“Slide-daily bin”
User can move it through bin, in order to define the more accessible Area from the door.
User can remove the “slide-daily bin”, from Bin if consider to use in another bin in the bottom door.
Design leading to Win
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