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Angelo and Jonathan

For the Title, click and type " The Lifecycle of the (Butterfly or Frog)" by and type your names. Your Introduction will go in Circle 2. Your closing will go in Circle 9. The circles connected by arrows will show the stages. Start with Circle 3.

Catherine Case

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Angelo and Jonathan

We have all had experience with butterflies and caterpillars even in this very school . We have kept the painted lady butterflies we all remember and they succsesfully grew. Here is how they grew.
the adult butterfly when she lays her eggs. She lays them on a leaf and often she lays 10-100 eggs
The life cycle of a butterfly
small larva
( catepillar)
The eggs hatch and they come out as teeney tiny caterpillars. they sometimes eat the egg shell but then starts consantly eating the leaf.
large larva
When there still teeny caterpillars they constanly ate the leaves. As the time goes on they get bigger and bigger by the minute.
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