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whats the most important event in history to me

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Henry Cardinals

on 15 November 2017

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Transcript of whats the most important event in history to me

The history of the world according to Matthew
Where was I born?
In Peoria IL
When did my family move to the Marshall county area?
My family moved to the Marshall county area in the 1930s.
What event in the world has the biggest effect on my family?
The Nazi because we are from Germany and that really effected that are of the world.
What is the farthest that I have ever been from Henry?
The farthest I have ever been from Henry was to
Orlando Florida.
Where is the most interesting place on earth I have ever gone?
The most interesting place on earth i have ever gone is to Orlando Florida because of how nice it was and i liked the heat and the different types of vegetation.
If I could go anywhere on Earth where would it be?
If I could go anywhere on Earth I would go to Hawaii because its nice and there's a lot of things to do there.
what do I believe that is the most important event to ever happen in history?
who is my biggest hero in the history of the earth?
God, because he died on the cross for out sins.
Adolph Hitler because he killed a lot of jews.
who do I think is the biggest villan of all time
Whats the biggest problem today facing the World?
I think North Korea is the biggest problem facing the world today, we can fix it by all the different Nations coming together to stop them.
What do I believe is Americas responsibility regarding World problems?
I believe that it is to get allies with other countries.
What do I believe is my responsibility regarding world problems?
I believe that my responsibility regarding world problems is to not cause problems which could make the existing problems worse.
What event going on now do I wish i knew more about?
North Korea vs Donald Trump.
What event in history do I know most about?
I think I know the most about 9-11-2001.
When I die what do I want my legacy to be?
That I was a good person and I helped others and I did a lot of good.
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