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terror at auschwits

aaron jezek

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Auschwitz

Double click anywhere & add an idea transpotation to auschwits was a big part of the torture of the jewish people when the jews got to auschwits the horror of the smoke stacks and the smell of rotting flesh was enough to drive a person mad. Auschwits,located in oswiecim outside of cracow,poland, has become a symbol of the holocost. Not only has Auschwitz become a symbol of the Holocaust due to its geographical size, but also because Jews were sent there from all over Europe to undergo selection and to be systematically murdered in gas chambers. In addition, we have many detailed testimonies of Holocaust survivors who survived the camp.

We say and write "Auschwitz," but we actually mean a torture center, a terror that we cannot possibly conceive, the essence of evil and horror. Yet, Auschwitz was not another planet, but a huge complex built by human beings to murder other human beings in the cruelest industrialized manner.

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