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"Growing Up Tethered"

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Jessica Katzenmeyer

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of "Growing Up Tethered"

Main Ideas
Main Ideas
Discussion Questions
Main Ideas
"Growing Up Tethered"
By Sherry Turkle
Main Ideas
Discussion Questions
Discussion Questions
Turkle believes that adolescents are "tethered" or attached to their devices and technology.

Adolescents don't have the ability to branch off and have their own independence because of their attachment to technology.
Adolescents use technology to develop who they are as people and create online personas.
Friends begin to take identity through technology and other devices.
What problems arise when adolescents become too tethered to their devices?
Why do you think adolescents turn to their friends through the phone and online instead of face to face contact? Also, Do you think this method is just as productive as face to face interaction?
Do you believe that on social media you portray the "real you" or the social media persona of yourself?

Do you think social media platforms promote narcissism?
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