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Laura Secord's Journey

No description

Harneet Kaur

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Laura Secord's Journey

By:Harneet, Beyonce, Jasleen, Amy Laura Secord What you will be learning: -Laura's maiden name is Laura Ingersoll

-She was born on the 13th of september 1775 to Thomas Ingersoll and Elizabeth Dewey and is the eldest child

-At the age of eight Laura's mother died leaving behind 4 daughters

-Laura's father married twice having a larger family with his 3rd wife

-Her father supported the rebels durjing the American War of Independence

-Her family immigrated to Upper Canada in 1795

-Laura married James Secord in 1797 and had 7 children together 6 girls and 1 boy

-Laura's husband was wounded in the battle of Queenston heights whom was rescued by his wife

-Laura is known for walking 30km and 18 hours to warn James Fitzgibbon about an ambush by the American force's in Beaver Dams

-The Secords lived in poverty until 18

-James Secord died in 1841

-At the age of 85 she was finally recongized for her herioc deed

-She died at the age of 93 in 1868 Biographical -In the summer of 1813, American troops occupied parts of the peninsula and wherever they did during this period, they billeted their troops in the homes of Canadians.

-Three soilders occupied Laura and her sick husbands house, and freely conversed about Colonel Charles Boerstler's plan to surprise attack Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon's plan.

-Laura set out an journey to protect the Niagara Peninsula from the Americans. early on the morning of 22 June, 1813. Laura's Journey Significance -James Secord was part of the war of 1812 in the battle of Queenston Heights

-James and Laura Secord made a plan to investigate to see if they could any valuable information from the invaders

-They found out the Americans were planning a surprise attack on the British army at Beaver Dams

-They had to get this information immediately to James Fitzgibbon who was the commander of the regiment at Beaver Dams

-Laura Secord had to walk on foot to Beaver Dams due to conditions

-As she travelled, on the way she met a First Nations force of Mohawk soliders and told them what she heard. They took care of her

-They took Laura to Fitzgibbon and he was very pleased for the information

-The British led a sudden attack on the Americans and captured 462 enemy soliders

-Fitzgibbon was so grateful that he wrote a journal entry about Laura Secord and her journey Introduction Achievements - She had risked to save the Niagara Peninsula

- Laura's insipiring qualities of courage and hope insipired many people

-Laura's journey helped to show that women were capable of great things

- Even though Laura feared the dangers of the woods she still kept going

- If Laura had never finished her journey, unspeakable things should have taken place

- For example it would have killed a great majority of the militia's soliders

- Also the invasion would have also demolished many important towns and houses

- Even Colonel Fitzgibbon's own life might have been on stake as well -Biographical information

-Historical information



-Interesting facts Conclusion Today you have learned all you need to know on Laura Secord. Her hard work and effort in the War of 1812 effected Canadian history and made a change. Even today we honor and are thankful for Laura Secord's achievements and signifiance in Canadian history. There is chocolate and also ice cream named after her since of her hard work. Laura Secord is a a heroine in the War of 1812. Interesting Facts Rap Song
- Laura Secord was born on September 13, 1775

-There is chocolate and ice cream named after Laura Secord

-Laura Secord's mom died when she was 8 years old

-Laura Secord's father remarried 2 times which made a larger family

-In 1797 Laura Secord married James Secord

- Laura Secord settled in Queenston Heights and died on October 17, 1868 Laura Secord had four brothers and six sisters.
She was never afraid of bruises or blisters.
She got a lot of them while she walked.
The only reason she was doing this was because,
she had let a group of American soliders into her house and had listened while they talked.
The soliders planned to attack.
Laura knew this and she didn't slack.
She needed to warn Colonel Fitzgibbon of the surprise invasion that would sweep the nation.
She had taken her brother and his fiance on the trip.
Laura had taken a slip.
She kept walking, even though,
she knew that there were bears, rattlesnakes and American soldiers following in tow.
Laura was brave, she knew she needed to do this. She knew that she would make it through this.
After 18 hours and 32 km, she reached Fitzgibbon's Mohawk allies. She told them the truth and no lies. Fitzgibbon was told of her selfless act. He met the attack and got the Americans to surrender. After all Laura had to endure, She got recognition later. Now, she has a tribute in Queenston all because she walked the walk. Haula! Word -Fitzgbbon was some 30 K (20 miles) away and in between were fields, forests, swamps, rattlesnakes, wildcats and the ever-present danger of American troops. -For eighteen hours she traveld through hard and dangerous conditions. -she stumbled upon an Indian encampment, where she told them about American's plan to attack nervously. -the chief acted quickly and escorted her to Fitzgibbon's headquarters - at the home of Captain John Decou, she told what she knew and gived her caccount to Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon
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