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The Deepweb

No description

Axel Ceccato

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of The Deepweb

The Clearnet
Examples of
clearnet websites
- The most use anonymous network

- 1.200.000 users (August 2013 )
Tor (The Onion Router )

- Peer-to-peer payment system

- Digital cryptocurrency

- Developer : Satoshi Nakamoto

- Independant currency
- Anonymizing network
- Only between trusted peers
(friend to friend)
The Darknets
- A network of interconnected systems.

- All websites not indexed in standard search engines.

- Around 500 times bigger than surface web.
Examples of Darknets :

- Perfect Dark (file sharing)

- Freenet ( platform for censorship-resistant communication )

- TOR ( hidden services )
The Deepweb

- Portion of the World Wide Web

- Indexed

- 0.3 % of the web
Link to the darknet
- Make for anonymous payments
- Money laundering
- 100 % of transactions on hidden websites
Created in 2009
Two stars hidden websites
- The Silkroad 2.0 : http://silkroad6ownowfk.onion
- The Hidden Wiki : http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion
The Deepweb : a place of impunity
Drugs and Weapons
- Cocaine, marijuana, meth, extasy
- 1.2 Billion of transactions
- 80 millions of commisions
The Silkroad : Created by Dread Pirate Roberts
- Four days to receive a gun !
Websites sharing pedopornography contents
Example : - Lolacity ( Anonymous and FBI reactions 2011 and 2013 )
- Around 1600 pedophiles identified
- 100 GB of illegal content confiscated

The anonymity causes lot of slides

Difficulties to control this space (Autorities)

The Deepweb : An expression place
- A tool to bypass censorship

- A tool for reporters and sources

- A tool for people who needs to be anonymous (Russian, Chinese)
Organizations who use the Darknet
Example :
- Reporters without borders
- Anonymous

Two sides :
- A space without control
- A way to expend democraty
Use of darknets:

- File sharing

- Business

- Closed group of persons
who communicate
Created in 2002 by the Navy

Two millions dollars project

60 % financed by the US government

FBI and Darknet community reaction
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