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Among the Hidden

No description

Baylee L.

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Among the Hidden

Book By Margaret Peterson Haddix Among the Hidden Characters Characterization Plot Setting Protagonist Baylee Larson
Core 2 Luke Garner- Main character, the Garner’s third yet illegal child
Mark Garner- middle brother
Mathew Garner- oldest brother
Luke’s mom- Works at a chicken factory, wanted a Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John
Luke’s dad- Works as a farmer to support family
Jennifer Rose Talbot (Jen)- The Talbot’s third Shadow child, who is brave, and started the Campaign for the shadow children
Jen’s Dad (George Talbot)- Jen’s Dad- Helps Luke get a fake I.D card, so he could live in public, because he was a friend of Jen’s Characters Age/background Appearance Important things
in life Personality Luke Garner Jen Talbot Edna Garner Harlan Garner My thoughts
on this
character Twelve years old Twelve years old Age: about 40 or 50 Age: about 40 or 50 Has been hidden in his
family's attic forever, Has been hidden in her family's huge house most of her life, but she has seen other places and met other people he has never left the
house, and he hasn't ever
met anyone other than his
family Has 3 children, Mathew, Mark and Luke. Exposition- The characters Luke, Mathew, Mark, Mom and Papa Garner get introduced, and characters are described. Luke explains that the woods behind his house are being cut down to make houses, and he is no longer safe, because he is a third child, which is illegal. Rising Action Luke notices that when the Barons move into their new houses, there is movement in an empty house. He watches and counts the people as they come and go, for something to keep himself busy in his life of hiding. He is married to
Edna Garner, and he has three kids. Short, brown, boyish like hair, and baggy sweatpants and a large
sweatshirt Freedom
doing whatever she wants
her computer
her family and Luke Her family
Luke, her youngest illegal son
Getting money for her family Farming
his family
hiding Luke Hiding
Jen Talbot
his family
education Timid and shy
brave, because he visits
Jen at her house, illegally
cautious and careful Brave
not cautious If Luke ever gets the chance to
come out of hiding, I think he could
be brave enough to make a
difference for other shadow children.
Even though he does.t have enough
courage to, he does. If Jen had listened to Luke, and had
not tried to make such a big
difference at one time, she could have saved herself, as well as the 40 other kids who were killed. Luke kept seeing movement in an
empty house (or so he thought),
and he made a plan to go
investigate. Finally, he escaped the
house and ran into the Sports
family's house, and he pried the
screen door open and he went
inside. The setting of this story is in the countryside of a futuristic place. The book does not tell the year or the country, or even the town that the Garners and Talbot family live in. Most of the story either takes place in Luke's attic, where he has hidden from the Population Police for his whole live, or on the stairs. The stairs in the Garner's home is where Luke is forced to eat his meals, for fear that someone will discover him.
The other place that this story takes place in is Jen's huge mansion, which her Dad can afford only because he is a baron. The protagonists in the story are Luke Garner and Jen Talbot.
Luke is one of the protagonists, because he has hidden his whole life, and has never disobeyed his parents, except for the fact that he visited Jen and was never ever allowed to do that. One of his only ambitions is to stay away from the population police, befriend Jen, and help other shadow children.
Jen is the second protagonist because she tries her hardest to help Luke, as well as other third children, because she wants to make a difference for them. There are two antagonists in this story, "Among the Hidden."
The first, and most obvious, is the government. The government restricts third born children from existing, and if they find these illegal kids, they will kill them or give them a miserable life. However, some people say that the illegal children's families and the Population Police are equally bad, but the main characters, Luke and Jen, believe that government id 100% evil
The second and less obvious antagonists are Luke's parents. Although they seem nice and cautious, they restrict Luke way too much. Instead of giving him even a little bit of freedom, they live in complete fear of the government, and don't allow Luke a fair life. They are the opposing force to Luke, without any of them knowing it. Antagonist Climax Luke finds Jen Talbot, another third child,
in the house, the alarm goes off and the
population police almost come. But, Jen
shuts it off before anyone can find
them. Climax Falling
Action Luke vists Jen at her house
often, and Jen talks about the
rally she is planning to do. Gray Hair around her hairline her eyes send messages to She used to have black hair, Luke before she became very
stressed with work When Luke left home, I think his
mom, Edna Garner, will become very
different, and she will not be so
gentle. She will even harder, so some day if Luke comes back, she can give him what she has wanted
for him his whole life. Harlan Garner, Luke's dad, works
very hard, and that makes him
seem very tough and mean.
I think he really cares about
Luke more than his other
two sons, but he doesn't know
how to show it. sweet
hard working
easy going
compassionate Hard working
he seems mean
not very educated
cautious and careful Dirty brown, blondish hair
flannel shirts
plaid shirts
overalls(worn out)
jeans (patched) Heavy (somewhat fat)
flannel shirts
patched, worn jeans and overalls Jen says good-bye to Luke, because he
refuses to go to the rally. He says that
she will see her after the rally. Jen
replies and says "We can hope," and
"Goodbye, Luke." Second
Climax Jen dies, and Luke sneaks into her house. Her Dad
appears with a gun and is ready to shoot, until he says Jen was his friend and he was also a shadow child. The population police come and Jen's Dad hides him. After
that the book ends with Mr. Talbot giving him a fake
I.D. so he can go and continue the work Jen was doing
for third children somewhere far from home. The theme of this book is to live life to the
fullest no matter what happens. Even though
Jen is a third child, she doesn't let that
restrict her from doing what she needs and wants to do in her life. Even though Jen dies, Luke wants to carry on and take up the work she was doing for the children. Th conflict is that the government doesn't allow third children to exist, Jen Talbot and Luke Garner do. Theme and Conflict
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