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Residential Schools

No description

Tanya Hall

on 13 November 2018

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Transcript of Residential Schools

Residential Schools
Why it happened and the Affect it has had on the Aboriginal People
Who went to Residential School
It was law that any First Nation, Inuit and Metis child of school age was to go to Residential School
The Goal of Residential Schools

"To Kill the Indian Culture"
"Disempowerment of Aboriginal people"
Words to know
: the act of becoming part of something

To assimilate
: the process in which one group takes on the cultural and other traits of a larger group
John A. Macdonald

First Prime Minister of Canada, John A. Macdonald saw the Aboriginal People were in the way
A policy was developed and called "aggressive civilization". Staff at the schools used verbal,physical,emotional and psychological punishments to carry out the forced assimilation
To free up land
The reserve system was developed. The Aboriginal People were under strict government control.
To attract settlers
Prime Minister Macdonald had to reassure new settlers that Canada was a safe place. When prime resources were discovered(timber and gold) Aboriginal People were placed on even smaller reserves.
Residential Schools
Typical Schools
is the act of setting up a colony away from one's place of origin.
is an adjective that expresses a relationship with homes, apartments, or any place where people live.
What happen if parents did not send their children?

Parents who did not sent their children to Residential School would be arrest and put in jail.
The lay out of the schools
Draw the typical Building
Assimilation of looks
The Canadian Government would show this photo of a First Nations person.
The European's point of view of what a better image is.....
School Rooms
How did it affect the aboriginal people?
Children and families lost their connections. Their ways of living. Languages suffered. Some languages are at risks of being lost.
Aboriginal people struggled with addictions. The family structures suffered. How to raise their children. How to love.
The Apology
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Apology
Truth and Reconciliation
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