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Hannah, Alyssa, and Leilani

No description

lib hist

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of Hannah, Alyssa, and Leilani

Hannah, Alyssa, and Leilani
Edward Byers
compare and contrast
Barnes gave his life by throwing himself in front of an incoming grenade saving the other wounded soldiers in it's path
John Andrew Barnes
3rd period
He was in the army and fought in the Vietnam War. He served as a grenadier and sacrificed his life for his fellow soldiers.
Doss Desmond
Desmond fought in WWII with no guns to protect himself because of his beliefs and religious reasons. Risking his life, he saved 75 men and more. His story was so moving, it was turned into a movie called ''Hacksaw Ridge.''
Byers is currently a navy seal who fought in the Irac war in Afghanistan. He saved citizens and risked his life while doing so.
Fought in different wars
all saved at least one citizen
All got awarded medal of honor awards
born in America
different branches
one died during war
one died after war
one is still alive

Narrator: *clip of world spinning* In a world, full of destruction and disaster *clip of “war”*

*faint machine gun noises and black screen that says in the Vietnam war*

Narrator: There’s grenades EVERYWHERE *clip of bark as grenades*

Narrator: People yelling as they see their fellow soldiers being shot dead. *clip of soldier being shot and falling to their knees*

*phil with gun jumping*
Phil: Our men on machine guns are getting shot! *Phil with gun jumping*

Barnes: I got this.
*Barnes sliding out of base, grabbing machine gun*

*clips of him killing 9 enemy while they fire directly at him*

Barnes: Did you see that Phil?
*both loading guns*
Phil: Yup I saw it!

*black screen that says when all of a sudden*

*enemy grenade (bark) is thrown by US territory*

Barnes: I’ve got to go do something. *zooms in on Barnes focused eyes*
*clip of Barnes jumping off base*
*clip of Doss getting up from army crawl*
*clip of Barnes hopping fence*
*clip of Doss franticly running towards grenade*
*clip of Barnes running towards the grenade*
*clip of Doss running up and kicking the grenade away*
*shows Barnes run up and tap Doss*

Barnes: Wait, what are you doing here?
Doss: This isn’t still WWII

*music stops*
*Edward Byers jumps out of bed*

Narrator: One dream *black screen that says one dream*

*Byers sitting on bed*
Byers: I’ve never had a dream like that before... wait, that’s not right.

Narrator: That could change Edwards life forever *black screen that says that could change Edwards life forever*

Byers: I got to go to Washington, I’ll be home soon *cuts to clip of him with his wife and daughter*

*black screen that says some say its breath taking and suspenseful*

*cuts to clip of him holding a train ticket to Washington, DC*

*black screen that says critics call it the best action movie of 2019

*Byers taking notes in Washington*

*black screen that says winner of the congressional medal of honor award*

*Byers getting frustrated and throws articles off desk*

*cuts to scene of Byers kneeling on the ground then looking up with hands on face*

Narrator: Bulletproof *black screen that says bulletproof*

*clip of Barnes that says Starring Hannah Smith as John Andrew Barnes III*
*clip of Byers that says with Leilani Merkerson as Edwards Byers*
*clip of Doss that says and Alyssa DeLaSala as Desmond Doss

Narrator: Coming to theaters near you. *black screen that says coming to theaters near you*

*ending credits*
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