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My name is

No description

Chris Jacob

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of My name is

What my name means
How people react to my name
When people hear my name for the first time they always ask is your real name Christopher or if they can call me Christopher . I really do not like that name not one bit. It gets annoying when people ask to call me that.
How I look at my name.
How and why I got my name
The ethnicity of the name Chris is English. My dad gave me this name because it was my uncles and he fought in a war.
Also because it was a Christian name and had a Christian meaning my mom and dad liked it very much.
Chris Reji Jacob
My name means "He who holds Christ in his heart." Like I said it is a Christian name and I am a christian.

When I say my name out loud i think of the color red because its my favorite color. Red is a color that shows energy, strength and I believe I have all those characteristics.
Would I change my name?
No! I would never change my name. I love my name the way it is. I love that my name has a history. Also because it has a Christian meaning. My name is apart of me I will never let it go.
2nd period
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