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No description

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Demographics

Age: 30-50

Gender: 80% males, 20% females

Income: >100,000

Education: college level education

Ethnicity: white

Occupation: white collar jobs

Marital status: married
Values: customers value a name-brand product, having a good time and getting noticed

Attitudes: poised, condescending, high-class and tasteful

Lifestyle: live life by celebrating their wealth

Opinions: expensive products are better and if you don't have money, you are below them
-Mercedes cars have ten name-brand location across the United States, but their cars are carried in many other dealerships in the US and 20 other countries.
Behavioral Patterns
- Mercedes customers have more money than most, so they buy new cars every 4-6 years. In addition, there is a spike in sales of cars in the spring of every year.
Marketing Mix Strategies
Product- Passenger cars include the C-class and the R-class. Luxury cars include the E-class and the S-class. SUV/Crossovers include the M-class and the G-class.
Price- with their established perceived value, Mercedes can price cars for more than they are worth ($28,000-213,000)
Place- Mercedes dealerships are in locations with high traffic and wealthier people.
Promotion- To encourage money-making, this company uses social media networks to promote their luxury cars. Not only do they use digital promotion, but they put their ads in a variety of print magazines.
Demographics (new):
Age: 20-35

Gender: Male

Income: affordable for a younger crowd ($17,000-25,000)

Education: highschool

Ethnicity: white

Occupation: blue or white collar jobs

Marital status: single or married
-There are dealerships in over 20 countries, including the US, the UK, India and Dubai. These are the top 4 countries that use motorcycles.
Introducing the all new Mercedes- Benz motorcycle!
Behavioral Patters
- Mercedes customers have more money than most, so they buy new motorcycles every 4-6 years. In addition, there is a spike in sales of motorcycles in the spring of every year.
Psychographics (new)
Values: well made products and having a good time

Attitudes: fun and optimistic

Lifestyle: sporty and living life on the edge

Opinions: money doesn't buy happiness
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