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about me

No description

Crystal Stites

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of about me

my calendar scares a lot of
people when they first see it
I make a commitment to myself
to live as if this is all there is.
i spent 10 years at a natural foods cooperative
i’m an event planner at my core,
and i bring people together
i read books based on research
and social phenomenon
i went to college to be a geneticist
and had a career in marketing
and i always find a way to volunteer my time
i don’t let go of people
and i realized that “You are never too
old to set another goal or to dream
a new dream.” - C.S. Lewis
my biggest weakness is cheese...
and chocolate... and coffee
...or maybe it’s my obsession with shoes
my design reflects the way I see myself --
the whole of a complex combination
of pieces, still being mapped out
i’m the most organized person
you will ever meet
i’m a complex combination of pieces
dancing, music and concerts
attract me and attach me to people
my two best friends I have
collectively known for 60 years
where i made a commitment
to myself
to live as if this is all there is
so i started living my life based
on manifesting my dreams
step one – a design degree
my friends are my family
and they made sure i had everything
i needed to make this dream a reality
step two will be a MBA
my goal is a career combining
sustainability, branding and design
while working internationally
serving cooperative businesses
i hate public speaking, but did it anyway
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