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Using Diegetic and Non Diegetic Sound

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Grant Bundle

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Using Diegetic and Non Diegetic Sound

Activity One:

What film did you watch for homework? What was the genre of the film? How did you know? Understanding how Genre is developed
28 November LO: How can we identify genre
from diegetic and non-diegetic
sounds? Diegetic
It means part of the world (of the film etc). A door banging in a film would be a diegetic sound because it is part of 'the world' of the film. Dialogue between characters would be diegetic, however narration would not. Watch the trailer again from Fish Tank

While watching:
1. List all of the diegetic sounds that are heard. Aggressive speech from Mother.
2. Classify the genre that you would predict for this film.

After watching: Individually
3. Explain how the use of diegetic sound has impacted your prediction of the genre. Non-Diegetic
It means outside of the world of film, it is usually used to describe sound effect or special effects that have been added to the film in post production and that the characters in the film wouldn't be able to hear.
With the people around you:
5. Separate the types of non-diegetic sound in the trailer.
6. Predict the genre of the film from watching the trailer- is it clear cut?
7. Discuss how music has been used to develop the mood of the audience and change their choice of the genre. Plenary: Using your example from the starter activity.
Explain how diegetic and non-diegetic sounds were used to develop the genre.
Judge whether this is harder to define in independent films? Homework: Due Tues 4/12
Using Weebly, upload a trailer of an independent film. (look at past winners at Cannes Film Festival). Explain the effect sound has on your viewing experience.
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