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AP Psychology Developmental Timeline

No description

wendy romero

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of AP Psychology Developmental Timeline

Developmental Timeline Wendy Romero
College Plans Start of my education I started kindergarten at the age of five. Ever since I loved learning and still do today. In 3rd grade I figured out my passion for reading. Everyday my teacher gave my class a book to read on our own and I always got a sticker on my reading logs. In 5th grade I was really involved in sports. I stayed everyday after school for either basketball, softball, or soccer. Later on our school started to get involved in setting up weekend games with other schools so my weekends were soon occupied with games. When I graduated from elementary school I left a lot of friends behind since we were all going to different middle schools. By this time my best friend had moved to another city so I wasn't so excited to start middle school. Personal Goals High School In high school I wanted to start fresh. I left all my friends behind and made sure I attended a high school that was going to give me many education opportunities. I am currently attending a pilot high school and will be graduating this year. Before I started high school I decided to leave sports and dancing aside to focus on school only. In 9th and 10th grade I was taking honor course classes. In 11th grade I decided to take a break and just take regular classes to focus on preparing for the ACT and SAT tests. This year (senior year) I decided to take AP classes since I only have four classes this year, this includes my AP classes. Thanks to all my hard work I will be able to participate in all senior activities and will be graduating with honors. Middle School Years My middle school years were unexpected. I made new friends the very first day.
I was still focused on sports. I was involved in basketball and soccer.
In 7th grade I discovered my passion for dance and ever since I have been dancing. Ballet and Hip Hop were my two favorite dance subjects and still are today.
By this time my little brother was born and I made him my priority in life since he is the only sibling I have. After Life After My Four Years In CSULA After my four years in CSULA, with my bachelors degree, I would like to attend a UC to work on getting my masters degree. Many people think that it is too many years to continue to be studying but I don't think the same way they do. I want to get my masters degree because this will allow me to get a job and actually be able to work with children. I will work through the obstacles to get what I want. Hard work pays off. Early Life I was born in Los Angeles, California on September 23, 1995. I grew up in Los Angeles as well. Around my 3rd to 4th month I began to sit up and crawl around. I started teething towards the end of my 4th month. I started babbling at around 6 months and later started saying my first words around 9 months. I started walking when I was around 10 months. My first sentences later started developing when I was one year old. When I was two years old I was able to talk a lot to a point where my mother and father knew what I was saying.
Figuring out my career In high school I realized the I love helping people, hearing them out, and giving them advice. But most importantly I realized that I would love to help the children of the future. This is related to my main goal which is to major in Counseling Psychology and work in the field of Child Development. I see this as a challenge because it is a little bit more difficult to communicate with children then it is to communicate with teenagers and adults. It is a challenge that I know I will be capable of accomplishing because of the fact that I love helping people out and because of the love I have for children. I have been accepted to CSU North ridge and CSU Los Angeles. I plan to attend CSULA. In four years I plan to get my Bachelors degree. I will be studying for Child Development. I believe that college will be a whole different experience because I will be living on campus. Leaving my family will hurt me but it is something that has to be done in order for me to succeed in life. My parents have always been over protective and I think that this will help them understand that I am growing up and also that I need to start making my own decisions. Overall I am honestly excited for college. Current Job Goals
While Attending College Mean while I am attending college I will like to work and save up for a special trip I have in mind. I want to give my friend a surprise and take him to Brazil to go see the soccer World Cup of 2014. I just feel like this will show him the appreciation I have towards him for pushing me to keep going and for supporting me in my goals.
I would also like to open up a day care. I always wanted to do this because of my childhood experiences. My mother had a hard time keeping up with her me and her job. She didn't feel good about leaving me at a daycare. I would like to help mothers get rid of that worry and let them know their children will be taken care of in a safe and caring place. My personal goals like many is be to have a family. Hopefully in my late twenties I will have my first child. I have always seen my self as a very loving, caring, and understanding mother. Before I start a family I want to get married. At first I kind of wanted to be a single mother but this soon started to change and I realized that I actually want to spend the rest of my life with a loving man. I want to be able to raise my children with some one that will make them his priority like I will.
Another personal goal is to be a role model for my little brother. I want him to go to college and major in something he will love to do for the rest of his life. I plan to leave this world in peace and with many accomplishments. I want to leave as the best daughter ever, the best sister ever, the best wife ever, and the best mother ever. I want to leave my family with good plans. I plan to leave my children with a good future ahead of them so they can lead their children in the right path to life. -Piaget's Sensorimotor stage
-Piaget's Preoperations stage -Erikson's School Age Stage -Erikson's School Age and Adolescence stage -Kohlberg's Self-Interest Orientation stage -Erikson's Adolescence stage -Erikson's Adolescence Stage -Erikson's Adolescence and Young Adulthood stages -Erikson's Young Adulthood stage -Kohlberg's Social Contact Orientaion stage -Erikson's Young Adulthood stage -Erikson's Young Adulthood and Middle Adulthood stage -Erikson's Maturity stage
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