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Finding Nemo

No description

Aly Sandblom

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo
By: Aly Sandblom

Marlin loses his wife and children in a vicious attack.
Marlin raises Nemo as a single Father.
Nemo is kidnapped by a diver during his first day at school.
Dory and Marlin search for Nemo.
Nemo is found and returns back to school.
Scene 2
This is a close up of Dory talking to a jellyfish.
While Dory and Marlin were on their way to Sydney, they came across a trench. Dory forgetting the instructions to go through the trench causes the pair to go above it. They then run into a large amount of dangerous jellyfish. Although Marlin makes a game out of the jellyfish, both fish still get minor injuries.
Element 1
The first element is the setting.
The setting in this film is in the ocean, and it really adds to the adventure that Marlin and Dory go on. Most of the obstacles that Marlin and Dory encounter are because of the setting. For example, the Jellyfish encounter. This is effective because without these obstacles the movie wouldn't be as funny. These setting based obstacles also add depth to the plot by making their journey seem more intense.
Scene 1
This is an over the shoulder shot of Marlin meeting Bruce.
When Marlin and Dory were on their way to Sydney, they ran into some sharks. Marlin is terrified while Dory is completely oblivious. The sharks force Marlin and Dory to go to a shark meeting about not eating fish when Dory is punched in the face. Her bleeding nose leads Bruce into a feeding frenzy.
Favorite Scene
My favorite scene is when Dory and Marlin first meet. Dory says she saw which way the boat with Nemo went, so Marlin tries to follow her, not knowing that hes has memory loss. She then, not remembering who he is, tries to swim away from him. When he continues to follow her, she yells at him.
This is my favorite scene because it's really funny. The expressions that Dory makes and the way she tries to frantically swim away from Marlin creates a great comedic affect. It's also really funny watching her try to act tough toward Marlin, and then realize that she had forgotten him. His annoyed reaction to her memory loss also adds comedic affect.
The genre of this film is a dark comedy.
This is a dark comedy because "Finding Nemo" makes light of bad situations. Some examples of this are Nemo being kidnapped, Dory's memory loss, and almost being eaten by sharks. They make all of these things funny with their expressions and the script.
Other films I would recommend with this film are "The Lion King" and "Home Alone".
The theme of "Finding Nemo" is that perseverance is the key to success. This is the theme because if Marlin and Dory had given up looking for Nemo once they had hit their first obstacle, they never would have found him.
Element 2
The second element is the script.
The way that Marlin and Dory interact makes the film hilarious and complete. The main reason that "Finding Nemo" is funny is because of the script between Marlin and Dory. For example, when Marlin is upset about Nemo, Dory starts to sing, "Just keep swimming!" which adds a comedic affect. This element is effective because without it, the movie wouldn't make you laugh. It's also effective because it makes light of dark situations.
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