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Being the Middle Child

No description

Jovita Charles

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Being the Middle Child

By, Jovita Charles Being the Middle Child Topic 1: Being the middle child Being the middle child is not the best. Like you are in the middle of the oldest child and the youngest child. The oldest and youngest gets all the attention. You are just stuck in middle. Like you would feel as if you were born to late to feel that special first-born treatment. Or you were born to early to have all the comfort of being the youngest. In my family my older brother gets anything he wants and my youngest sister gets all the love. But when my older brother is not there I feel like I'm the oldest and I can do anything. To me the middle is OK theirs always going to be a challenge and theirs always going to be a time where you feel you achieved something. Topic 2: The Downside When your the middle child there is always a downside. If you have an older sibling that is smarter than you, you would want to catch up to them and match your parents expectations. Then when you ask your parents can I get this, they would say you have to be this age to get this because that's when your older sibling got it. Eg:Cellphone! When you are the middle child its hard to standout in the family. You would feel ignored sometimes. Middle children always tend to get the parents attention and want to be noticed in the family. You feel that you have to choose sides from the oldest and youngest siblings. Topic 4: The bright side In the end being the middle child is not that bad. You get to feel how it feels to be the oldest child and how it feels to be the youngest child. When you are the middle child your younger sibling looks up to you.You will learn from your older siblings mistakes and can be a role model for your younger sibling. Your the middle child you will soon realize that your older sibling is a person who changes the world, the younger sibling who fixes the world and as you a person who does BOTH!!! ME!!! Younger sister
Joanna Older brother
Charron Being the middle
child sucks!!!! Topic 3 : How it feels When you are the middle child you feel left out. But sometimes you feel as if you are the master.You will probably have low self- esteem. You wouldn't want to be called the "middle child." You are free-spirited to do anything you wish and to be independent. You can always learn from your mistakes and teach your younger siblings You sometimes have a special thought in your mind that you can do anything you want!
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