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Toyota's Robot Violinist

No description

Tatum Draper

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Toyota's Robot Violinist

Toyota's Robot Violinist

What is This?
This is Toyota's violin playing robot.
Violin Robot in Action
What Task Does This Robot Preform?
This robot plays the violin.
Where is the Robot Used?
This robot is used in homes, hospitals and factories. It's work envelope is to play the violin! It has 22 flexible joints!
Is it Multi-Function?
No, it is not multi-function.
How is the Robot Taught to Preform this Task?
It is taught by using sensors to be taught how to play a violin like a human.
What Sensors does this Robot have?
The robot has sensors to hold the violin to walk and to hold the bow.
It plays the violin.
You can have one ANYWHERE.
It has 22 flexible joints.
This robot is very limited to what it can do, but it is impressive because of how it moves it's arms and fingers at the right moments to play the violin beautifully.
What Impact does this Robot have on the Intended Audience?
It will influence people to be creative and try to build there own robots. Or play the violin.
What Types of Jobs/Careers can this make for People?
It can create more jobs for engineers!
How can is Robot be Altered to do Different Tasks?
Engineers can program the robot to play multiple songs.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
The End!
It is very limited. It can only walk and play the violin.
It can only play one song; Pomp and Circumstance.
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