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Turret Syndrome

No description

vince barile

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Turret Syndrome

The technology that has a positive effect on Tourette Syndrome
DSM-5 for persistent (chronic) motor or vocal tics and provisional tics.
From the current research abnormalities, in certain brain regions such as basal ganglia, frontal lobes, and cortex also the circuits interconnect these regions and the neurotransmitters including: dopamine, serotonin, and the norepinephrine.
Causes of Tourette syndrome
Turret Syndrome
By Vince B. and Brian
Common tics are not often recognized by knowledgeable doctors however a typical symptoms or presentations example onset of symptoms in adulthood may require special people for diagnosis. When doctors do the diagnosis they do not need to test blood, laboratory, or imagining, however, sometimes neurosurgeon studies, including magnetic renaissance imaging [MRI], computerized tomography [CT], electroencephalogram [EEG], or certain blood tests would be used to rule out other conditions that would be confused with Tourette syndrome.

How is Tourette syndrome diagnosed
How many people are effected
Specifically, in the USA, 1 of 360 children in the ages of 6- 17 years old have been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. It can also affect people of all racial and ethnic groups. Lastly, boys can be affected 3-5 times more then girls.
Their is no cure for tourette syndrome, however, their are treatments if tics cause pain, anything that interferes, or causes stress. An example of a treatment is comprehensive behavioral intervention for tics or CBIT.



These tics can causes a lot
but have persisted for more
than one year since the first tic
onset. The onset is before the
age of 18.

The disturbance, however, is not due to the direct physiologic effects a substance or a general medical condition.

Criteria has never met with Tourette syndrome
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