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Branches of philosophy- lecture guide

No description

bree frick

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Branches of philosophy- lecture guide

Creating a Teaching Philosopy:
Branches of Philosophy
Introduction to Education 2210
Columbus State Community College

Is the world real, or is it merely an illusion?
What does it mean to exist?
What is humankind's place in the scheme of things?
Knowledge: How do you know what you know?
How do we decide between opposing views of knowledge?

Teachers should be familiar with these "ways of knowing":

..I know:
..based on authority
..based on divine revelation
..based on experience
..based on reason and logic
..based on intuition
Concerned with the quality of life that becomes possible with knowledge- not just the quantity.

Ethics, Aesthetics, and Logic are all related branches of Axiology.

How do we define "quality of life?" How, as teachers, can we contribute to that quality of life?
What is good and evil?
What is right and wrong?
What does it mean to be a good person?
Is following the rules always the right
thing to do?
What is beauty?
How can we discuss that
which is beautiful to us?

How does beauty affect
How does one reach a valid conclusion?
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