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Avery Penalvert

No description

lib hist

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Avery Penalvert

Tibor Rubin
Medal of Honor

Tibor Rubin was a hungarian who lived in Germany and when he was 13 he was put into a concentration camp. one day some american soldiers came and freed all of the people in the camp including Tibor.
Tibor made a promise then that he would pay his dept by fighting with them.
My personal view
I think Tibor Rubin should be honored to recieve the medal of honor,but i agree that it is hard to be a hero because what he did did sound hard to do.I liked his citizenship,going to America to help the people who saved his life.


biography of Tibor Rubin

How Did Tibor Rubin Get The
Medal Of Honor

Tibor Rubin got the medal of honor because his sargeant sent him to a fox hole in a hill and told him to guard it.Tibor Rubin went to the hill and guarded it for over 24 hours by himself and incompacitated many korean troops and halted the rest of the troops. Tibor's sargeant kept on sending him on imposible missions and Tibor not only survived but he fought brilliantly.On one of his missions Tibor was captured by korean troops and despite being offered freedom stayed with his fellow comrads.He took care of his comrads many were sick and hungry.he stole food and medicine to keep them alive.
Tibor Rubin got the medal of honor for his courage and patriotism.
Tibor Rubin
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