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Mining Transitions

No description

Erin Allison

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Mining Transitions

Mining Transitions Project Yukon Mine Training Association What's included in
the program Have you considered a career
in mining? Yukon Mine Training Association
is building a Life and Mining Career Coaching Program that will be
available to help you get
employed in the mining industry. Orientation to the mining industry and potential jobs
Career exploration
Mining related job postings and possible work placement
Mining industry HR contacts
Training and education options and resources
Skill building assessments
Financial planning
....and more! What is Mining? Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth from an orebody, lode, vein, seam, or reef. What is Exploration Exploration is the act of searching or traveling
around a terrain for the purpose of discovery of
resources or information. Types of Mining in the Yukon
The obtaining of minerals from placers by washing or dredging. refers to various underground mining techniques used to excavate hard minerals,
mainly those containing metals[1] such as ore containing gold, silver, iron, copper, zinc, nickel, tin and lead, but also involves using the same techniques for excavating ores of gems such as diamonds. Hardrock: Underground Hardrock: Open Pit is a method of extracting rock or minerals from the earth by their removal from an open pit or borrow Placer Major Mines in the Yukon Wolverine Mine ( Yukon Zinc)
Produces Zinc-Silver Small, family operated gold mines operate each summer in the Yukon
contributes an average of $50 Million per year to the Yukons economy
use's only water and gravity to recover gold
employs up to 450 people per year Open Pit Employment Mine Employment Underground Mine Underground Employment Opportunities: Mining Life Cycle a. Mineral Exploration (3-12yrs)
Consultation, permitting and financial analysis (2-7years)
b. Mine Development (2-8 years)
c. Mining/Production/Refining (5-100 years)
d. Closure & Reclamation (2-5 years) Exploration (3-12 Years) Airborne and geological surveys
Prospecting/soil sampling/claim staking
Consultation & permitting
Camp construction & management
Drill programs
Environmental studies Source: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Mining-Isometric-for-TetraVision-Magazine/1660190 Exploration Employment There are many more jobs involved in this phase of the mining life cycle. The Yukon is largely unexplored and is a very desirable place for companies to come to. With the increase in these activities, there will be on-going demands over the next 10 years for these kinds of positions and more. Not only are these employment opportunities, there are a lot of business opportunities. We have seen more diamond drilling companies popping up and camp services companies and looking to the Yukon. 2011 mineral exploration activities reached $309 M compared to $106M in 2006.
In the Yukon in 2011 there was a record high of $309M spent on mineral exploration activities in the Yukon. These exploration companies provided seasonal employment for 1000-1500 people each year. Companies such as Golden Predator (exploring in the Dawson area), Rakla Metals (East of Keno), Largo Resources (Teslin area) Expediters
First Aid Attendant
GIS Technicians
Community Liaison Officer
Cooks/Cooks Helpers
Diamond Drillers/Helpers
Environmental Technicians
Camp Managers Mine Development (2-8yrs) Evaluate the potential of a mine
Detailed drilling and bulk sampling
Financial and minerals market studies
Environmental assessments
Feasibility studies
Mine closure and reclamation planning
Building infrastructure There are over 100 exploration projects in the Yukon and the majority of them will not move onto this stage of the mining life cycle. Mine Development (2-8yrs) Evaluate the potential of a mine
Detailed drilling and bulk sampling
Financial and minerals market studies
Environmental assessments
Feasibility studies
Mine closure and reclamation planning
Building infrastructure Mine Production (5-100 yrs) Extraction of the ore (open pit or underground)
Milling the ore to separate out the minerals
Transporting concentrated minerals from site
Year-round employment opportunities
Skilled workforce There are currently three Mines in production in the Yukon:
Minto Mine (Capstone Mining)
Wolverine Mine (Yukon Zinc)
Bellekeno Mine (Alexco Resource) These mines employ 750 people in Yukon! Closure and Reclamation Shut-down and decommissioning
Monitoring Some employment opportunities would be:
Environmental Monitors,
Water Treatment Operators and
Heavy equipment operators Employment Opportunities: How can I get jobs like these? Come and see us
Suite 120-205 Black Street Erin Allison
Admin. Assistant
Online Course Administrator Ginny Coyne
Program Coordinator
Life & Mining Career Coaching also check out or webpage:
www.yukonminetraining.com How we can help
Career counseling
Education Training Advice
Resume assistance
Training Funding options

Online mine safety courses
First Line Supervisor course/exam
Resume assistance
Current employment opportunities
Mine contacts Contact Ginny Coyne
ginny@ymta.org Contact Erin Allison
erin@ymta.org YMTA Office Locations Watson Lake
Cynthia Kearns
cynthia@ymta.org Dawson City
Currently Open These are the Top 10 Hiring Requirement for the 3 Territories (YT, NWT, NT) Entry Level: Admin. Assistant
Field Assistant
Mill Operator
Prospector Skilled: Blaster
Diamond Driller Helper
First Aid Attendant
Heavy Equipment Operator
Truck Driver
Miner-Surface or U/G
Accounting Clerk Technical: Legal Assistant
Civil Engineer
GIS Technician
OH&S Officer
Survey Technologist
Computer Program.
Drafting Tech. Trades Cook
Heavy Equip. Mechanic
Plumber University Level Hydrologist
Purchasing Agent
HR Personnel
Mechanical Engineer BLASTER/HELPER-handle, load and detonate the explosives used to dislodge ore and rock
CRUSHER OPERATOR-set up, operate or tend machines
CABLE REELER-operate equipment to pick up electrical or steel cables and transport in a safe manner
DEWATERING OPERATOR-run the filter that removes water from crushed rock before shipping
EXPLOSIVE PACKER/HANDLER-handle, move, load and unload explosives by hand
GRINDER OPERATOR-run the equipment that does the rock crushing
HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR-are responsible for excavating, land clearing, grading and road building at the mine sire or in it's vacinity. Equipment included excavators, backhoe/loader, grader, bulldozer, front-end loaders and gravel dump trucks
HELPER/LABOURER-assist earth drillers, blasters and explosives workers and mining machine operators, by performing duties of a lesser skill. HYDRAULIC OR CABLE SHOVEL OPERATOR-run machinery equipped with scoops, shovels, or buckets to excavate and load ore
REAGENT OPERATORS-work with a machine that mixes chemicals into tanks filled with powdered rock and water http://queensminedesign.miningexcellence.ca/index.php/Crushers Picture Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/story/2011/12/12/north-nunavut-mineral-exploration.html http://www.uky.edu/KGS/im/limestone.htm Diagram Source: Blaster
Explosive Packer/Handler
Jumbo or Jackleg Operator
Mine Cutting/Machine Operators
Raise Miners Scooptram Operator
Cage Tenders
Hoist Persons
Rock Splitters
Roof Bolters
Shuttle Car Operators Check out our career handbook to find out all about careers in mining! http://yukonminetraining.com/career_training_seekers/careers/career_opportunities/ Table of Contents YMTA Mission Statement
Introduce the Mining Transitions Program
What is Mining/Exploration
Careers in Mining
The Mining Cycle
Careers throughout the Mining Cycle
How/Where to contact us
What services we offer Real Miners in Action Now that we have gone over Mining, the Mining Cycle and the careers associated with, let's take a look at some real miners in action! Minto Mine (Capstone Mining)
Open Pitt and Underground
Produces Copper-Gold-Silver Cantung Mine ( North American Tungsten)
Produces Oxide Bellkeno Mine (Alexco Resources)
Produces This could be you! Ross Mine (near Dawson) Yukon News Photo Employment seasonal positions
equipment operators
trades people (welding, mechanics)
cooks Yellowjacket Gold Project (Eagle Plains) Our Mission
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