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Revolutionary War Timeline

No description

Jade Ryan

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Revolutionary War Timeline

George Washington By George, we did it! George Washington

Who, What When?:
1st president, Commander and Chief
of Continental Army- Born and Died 2/22/1732- 12/14/1799 The Revolutionary War French and Indian War

Date: 1763

Cause: Fighting over land

Effect: Proclamation of 1763

What is it?: War between England and France Proclamation of 1763 Date: 1763

Cause: French and Indian War and agreement with natives

Effect: Colonists angry and King in
debt from war

What is it?: King announced Colonists
could not go past Appalachian Moutains 1760 King George III 1765 1770 1775 1780 1785 French and Indian War Soldier
Jade Ryan Sugar Act Date: 1764

Cause: King in debt

Effect: Colonists angry, Boston Boycott

What is it?: Tax on sugar imported to the colonies Currency Act Date: 1764

Cause: King wanted to show he was in control

Effect: Colonists were angry

What is it?: Colonists could
not make their own money Quartering Act Date: 1765

Cause: King needed to house and feed his soldiers

Effect: Made Colonists angry

What is it?: Colonists forced to house and feed soldiers Stamp Act Date: 1765

Cause: King needed to raise money for troops

Effect: Sons of Liberty- Stamp Act Congress

What is it?: Colonists had to pay tax on every paper they had Stamp Act Congress Townshend Acts Date: 1767

Cause: Raise money for England

Effect: Boycott

What is it?: Taxes on items imported by Colonists- glass, lead and tea In General
Kemper's control Ruler of England
from 1760-1820 Date: 1765

Cause: Stamp Act

Effect: Stamp Act reppealed

What is it?: A group of leaders called together to oppose the stamp act Boycott Date: 1767

Cause: Townshend Acts

Effect: King reppeals the Townshend Acts - Yay!

What is it?: Merchants in Boston and New York refuse to buy British goods Boston Massacre Date: 1770

Cause: Tension between Colonists and British Troops

Effect: Unify the Colonists

What is it?: The first bloodshed of the conflict, 5 colonists
shot Crispus Attucks First American to die in the conflict of the Boston Massacre Tea Act Date: 1773

Cause: King trying to raise money

Effect: Boston Tea Party

What is it?: Colonists could only buy tea from the British West India Company Boston Tea Party Date: 1773

Cause: Tea Act

Effect: Intolerable Acts

What is it?: Colonists dumped 342 containers of tea bags into harbor Intolerable Acts Date: 1774

Cause: Boston Tea Party

Effect: Organized and united Colonies

What is it?: King closed the port of Boston until the tea was paid for Port of Boston Concord and Lexington Date: 1775

Cause: King wanted to capture leaders and guns

Effect: 2nd Continental Congress

What is it?: First open battles between the colonists and soldiers Meeting of 56 delicates from every colony except Georgia 2nd Continental Congress Bunker Hill Date: 1775

Cause: Control of Boston Harbor

Effect: British controlled hill, increased Colonists

What is it?: Major battle for control of Boston Harbor Declaration of Idependence Date: 1776

Cause: King mistreats Colonists

Effect: Revolutionary War

What is it?: A letter from the Colonists to the King declaring independence Thomas Jefferson: Wrote the Declaration
of Independence- 3rd President Battle of Long Island Date: 1776

Location: New York

What happened?: First battle after Declaration of Independence British control New York Battle of Trenton Date: 1776

What happened?: Colonists- surprised Heshian camp- took control of Trenton

Location: New Jersey Battle of Monmouth Date: 1778

Location: New Jersey

What happened?: Renewed confidence in the army and George Washington Benedict Arnold: He Captured Fort Ticonderoga and later became a. . . Yes, a traitor. But that's not all! He gave British West Point. Battle of King's Mountain Date: 1780

Location: South Carolina

What happened?: Colonists were victorious- turning point for colonists in South Battle of Yorktown Date: 1781

Location: Virginia

What happened?: Americans were victorious- Washington's victory that ended the war Isn't it great that George Washington lead the battle that ended the war? And I've even got a picture for the moment, too. Oops! Wrong picture! But of course, the real document that ended the war was the Treaty of Paris. Treaty of Paris Date: 1783

Location: France

What is it?: King of England gives America its Independence Sybil Ludington Heroine of the war- who also warned Colonists the British were coming
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