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More Ways to Date Objects!

No description

Meredith Barton

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of More Ways to Date Objects!

More Ways to Date Objects!
Today's Materials
1. Notebook 2. Pen/Pencil

Date Topic/Activity Page #
10.22.13 Rock Dating 101: Part 3 41

When finished, turn back to page 38 and review how we were able to find the ages of various fossils in the Radioactive Dating Simulation!

Radioactive Review
What one difference between using C-14 and U-238 for dating materials?

Which one breaks down slower?

Which one is better for dating materials up to 70k years?

Stations for Text Tuesday!
over the
station passage
with your
shoulder buddy

with your group on
page 40
of your notebook. ((( BE SURE TO HEAD EACH SECTION )))

For stations
6, 7, and 8
, you will be
looking at the gallery
posters and completing your
information chart!
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