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Fransiskos Mouggos

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of Segregation

Revolutionary black nationalist and socialist party
Was founded in Oakland, California, 1966
Huney Newton and Bobby Seale
BPP believed that the non-violent campaign of Martin Luther King had failed. They were willing to use violence
Black Panther Party
for self-defense (BPP)

The Black Panthers had four desires
Equality in education
Civil rights
They had a 10 point plan to get these goals
Full employment
End the robbery of black communities
Decent housing
Education for the people
Free health care
End to police brutality and murder of black people
End to all the wars of aggresion
Freedom for all political prisoners
Land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice, peace and community control of modern indusrty
The FBI was allerted to the Black Panthers activities and called the BPP, ``the greatest threat to the interal security of the country´´
A ``black propaganda´´ campaign was started to convince the public that the BPP was a threat.
Regional leaders were arrested and the movement collapsed in 1980.
How much support did the BPP have among the African - Americans?
In 1966 a survey showed that less than 5% of African - Americans approved to groups, such as the BPP.
In 1968, the Black Panthers had approx. 2000 members.
One of the party`s leader Eldrige Cleaver ran for president in 1968.
The Black Panthers Party launched the free breakfast for children program
The party saw a serious need to feed black kids in poor communities.
The party served about 20.000 meals and the program was very successful.
Aftermath and legacy
There is a considerable debate about the impact that the Black Panther Party had on the greater society, or even their local environment
Are they national heroes in black communities or were they just promoting the "gang mentality" and increasing the crime and violence?
At least it can be said that the BPP played an important role in the black peoples struggle for justice in the USA.
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