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Music Education

No description

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Music Education

Music Education
Andrew Watts
Majoring in Music
Things to realize
more than just playing an instrument or singing
importance of music theory
importance of music history
keyboard skills
Public School String Methods
Introduction to Electronic Music
Music Cultures of the World
Instrumental Conducting
Public School String Methods
The class covers the study of teaching
In this case, teaching string methods
Introduction to Electronic Music
basic uses of electronic and MIDI equipment
Music Cultures of the World
Covers the development of instruments and music as it relates to social, music literature, and cultural aspects of different historical periods
Instrumental Conducting
techniques of interpretation
score reading
rehearsal procedures
practice conducting with emphasis on instrumental aspects of music
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
It is basically just data
It contains messages that tell electronic devices how to generate a certain sound
can be used with musical instruments or even cell phones
Effective Teaching
A teacher should be able to show emotions and feelings
have a sincere interest in their students
should also care about them
Effective Teaching
not to possessive
should not need complete control of students
students should have responsibility and freedom
Effective Teaching
a teacher needs to listen to a students ideas and suggestions
need to be themselves and trust students
Marching Band
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