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A brief introduction to William Shakespeare

Mr Graham

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Shakespeare

... and why he's so awesome.
accessible, acutely, assembled, barefaced, beguiling, bewitchment, cloud-capped, critic, even-handed, eyeball, foul-mouthed, footfall, Frenchwoman, hot-blooded, insulting, hunchbacked, laughable, leap-frog, marriage-bed, moonbeam, mountaineer, neglected, overpowered, pageantry, promising, radiance, revealing, rose-cheeked, sanctimonious, satisfying, schooldays, silliness, suffocated, three-legged, well-bred,
Shakespearean words that never caught on:
but just look at some of the words that did!
Remember: Shakespeare doesn't have to be all about the specific words he used.
Hi everyone!
But who exactly was Shakespeare?
(there is no evidence to support that Shakespeare ever wore pink sunglasses)
My name is Mr Graham.

Learning Objective:
- to briefly review the importance of Shakespeare's work in the English language.
Before we get started...
Write a random sentence using 3 of these words.

For example:

"My brother
this morning so, instead, I had to
my way to school this morning in the pouring rain."

Your sentence can be as silly as you want and doesn't even have to make sense!

(You don't have to know the meaning of the words)
Those silly ones never made it,
What do
think of when you hear the word 'Shakespeare'?
or this?
or maybe even this...
Reading Shakespeare is just like reading any other book.

His plays have just as many wacky characters, horrific deaths and amazing stories as any other form of literature.

It's just instead of chapters, you have Acts and Scenes!
Look at all the famous people who love Shakespeare too!
Just remember:

When reading Shakespeare:

- Read him in bits: Act by Act and Scene by Scene (it's just a lot easier to manage that way)

- Imagine it being performed on stage (remember: Shakespeare was a 'playwright' who wrote plays to be performed on the stage)

- Have fun with it! Read it aloud in small groups and change the accents and roles from time to time. (Men often played the roles of women in Elizabethan times)

- Go to the theatre! (nothing beats seeing Shakespeare come to life)
Who can name one of his plays?
Have you seen or read any?
Thanks for listening!
Again, no evidence to suggest he ever wore sunglasses.
Institutions like the Royal Shakespeare Company use the art of performance to adapt Shakespeare's plays to make them more interesting and relevant to today's society.
Filmmakers continue to think outside the box when directing Shakespearean plays.
Did you enjoy it?
Please take a second to fill in the questionnaire and hand it to your teacher.
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