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Search Marketing Plan:

Southwesrtern College: CIS Student Project Spring 2013

alex b

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Search Marketing Plan:

By A B
CIS 255 Project
Spring 2013 Search Marketing Plan What Is Search Marketing and
Why it’s Important For Your Business? What is SEO? Site Content and Organization Measuring Success Search engine optimization is a design of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (aka SERP). Including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

SEO ensure that a site is accessible through a search engine and improves the chances the site will be found by the search engine.
It is common practice for Internet users to not click through pages and pages of search results, so where a site ranks in a search is essential for directing more traffic toward the site. The higher a website naturally ranks in organic results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user. Why Should You Care? Searching the web is the primary method of discovering new information and products.

SEO Increase web traffic to your website.

Increase sales & revenue.

It helps build brand awareness.

Other competitors use SEO already.

It generate new leads and customers.

SEO is mainly the only way to be found on the ever expanding Internet. (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Example: What are SEO Techniques? The essential ingredients to making a great online business is by applying SEO techniques. Mimoco Today
The list of results generally includes a list of links to pages that are ranked from popularity to the number of hits for the particular keyword.
The list will include not only the links, but also a short description of each page, location and of course, the titles of the web page. (SERP) Search Engine Results Page Search Engine Results Page is the web page that appears in a browser window when a keyword query is put into a search field on a search engine page. List of Reasons Why: Before we discuss about SEO techniques, lets over the DOs and DON’Ts of SEO. Or better known as the Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO rules. Black Hat and White Hat is the process of improving the quality and volume of web traffic through unpaid or organic search listings. More Info: More Info: EX. of Black Hat EX. of White Hat Black Hat SEO refers to attempts to improve rankings in ways that are not approved by search engines and involve deception.

White Hat SEO refers to use of good practice methods to achieve high search engine rankings. Meanings: Creating content for users and not search engines.

Its main aim is to promote accessibility.

Follows all SEO guidelines

Ensures that all content indexed by search engines is the same as the content that a user sees.

Focuses on readability, relevance of content, well-structured and well-written content that will be useful to people who read it.

Focuses on cross-linking pages internally on a website where appropriate, as well as building relevant inbound links from trusted sources. Link Farm creates a legit blog network of flagship blogs.

Keyword Stuffing is packing long lists of keywords without proper formation.

Invisible Text is placing of keywords in white text on a white background in order to attract search engine spiders.

Doorway Pages is a fake page that user never gets to see. This is constructed only for search engine spiders so as to trick them into indexing the site higher. Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. It is also called paid search. (SEM) Search Engine Market You pay for each time a user clicks on your ads. It's also known as (PPC) Pay-Per-Click. (CPC) Cost-Per-Click Paid Placement Keyword Research TITLE:
Mimoco: Where the best custom design USB flash drive lives
Why buy a plain old flash drive, when you can have the best character-base design USB Flash Drives! Here are some examples using the keywords: Custom USB Drive Sal
Promotional USB Flash Drive
Mimobot Flash Drives Wholesale
Best Selling USB Flash Drives
Custom Design USB Drives
Cool Design Flash Drives Recommended Keywords: Theses were the results from a SEO analyzing too: The overall score for the homepage was graded a B.

Overview reported 16 successful passes, but it also reported 4 Importance and 5 semi-importance that needed to be fix. The successful checklist showed that the page compression and the HTML size were within the SEO standards. All the keywords used in the meta-tags, it has a sitemap.xml file and the website uses javascript files that are all under 50kb.
The website needed to add some at least headings 1 and 2 on the pages.
Get rid of some nested tables within the site in order to increase the loading speed.
Consider moving javascript and CSS style sheet to an external file to a speed page loading, if the script is used repeatedly throughout the site.
Finally, most of the images on the page do not have specified width and height tags. 5 Semi-Important Reports The Main Goal :
Increase attentions to the products, business and web site.
Increase online sales.
The Intermediate Goals:
Create a web cartoon series
Create mini games for the website. Measuring Success Count conversions: By the amount of users who visited site.
By the amount of time user stayed.
Online product purchases
Users who view the news articles
Survey completion by customers. Attracting Links My Plan to Bait Links Adding a new fun contents like online cartoons and mini web games.
Having links to Youtube for videos and link reviews from facebook.
Setting up subscriptions to newsletters.
Offering weekly special deals and monthly promo codes.
Offer exclusive special sales to countries outside the states.
Adding facebook “likes” to every products and news articles. There are many types of paid Ads placement to choose from: There is also contextual advertising. Ads are place in banners and links on web pages that have a contextual relationship to the product or service. These types of Ads also come in a form of a pop-ups and video Ads. It does not require a keyword search to bring up these Ads. Contextual Advertising Is that the most common keywords that were used on home page were mimobots, toys, contact, mimobot® and mimoco.
There are 97 images contain within the homepage. What I Learn: **I would not recommend using contextual Ads because placing it on the site would make the layout contextual look bad. Not all contextual ads are relevant to the topic of your website. It may also lead customers away from the website. These are the results after doing some evaluations of the website:
Your current Page Rank is 5/10
You have at least 71 backward links
Most of the links are blogs and reviews and web directory.
-Computer Flash Drives in the Best of the Web Directory
-inovation playground Idris Mootee: Social Technologies
-kwc blog: Category: Comic-Con 2006 Evaluations Evaluations Recommendations I would recommend improving the page ranks by finding better keywords phrases.
Linking to more social media web sites.
Making the graphics more search friendly by adding tags.
Submitting RSS feeds and software directories.
For Link Building, I would encourages more guest blogging. First, the page size was a bigger than the recommended page size.
Second, most of the images sizes needed to be smaller.
Third, you have to improve the Libwww-perl Access.
Lastly, you need to make a page caching for the website. 4 Important Reports Recommend Improvements: For the whole website I would start off by reducing the size of the pages and images. Follow by specifying the width and height tags for the images and adding some headings to the pages. Social Media Using social media websites is a great way for your business to connect with your customers and potential customers.

It will make any news/announcements spread faster.

It's a cost effective marketing tool

Allow your customer to provide feedback and review about your products and services.

It will draw huge volume of traffic to the website.

Increase brand awareness Twitter Having a micro blog like Twitter would be a great essential for your business. Rather than relying only on normal blogs like Facebook. Twitter would make posting news quick and simple. It would also be good place to find more potential customers, communicating with fans and creating more awareness for the business. Examples Post: The Benefits of Social Medias Facebook Who’s that kitty with the big red? It’s Hello Kitty! This Friday only, all Hello Kitty® x MIMOBOTS®
are 25% off. (www.mimoco.com/mimobot/hello-kitty)
Who wants to be friends with Hello Kitty? Example Post: #1 social network. With over billion accounts counting, it the ideal place to set up a blog for your site. Online Videos Keep in mind:

There are Users who would rather watch and be entertain by videos then reading a blog posts. Video Ideas: Entertaining and informative videos about the products.
Video news announcements and contests
Live videos of offline events.
Short online cartoon show.
Share videos that are interesting and relevant to your website. Most popular online videos websites: Ex. of Product Videos Ex. of Offline Events Ex. of Relevant Videos Online videos are another great way to bring more traffic to your website and brand awareness. _______________ February 27, 2013

What makes these USB drive so magical? We’ll tell ya!

Mimoco and Hasbo are proud to announce the newest release of the best USB flash drives in the universe... My Little Pony USB flash drives!
Thats right! You can your very own My Little Pony characters as a custom USB flash drive! Featuring Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and the limited edition Rarity.
Whether you’re into fan of My Little Pony or you just like colorful ponies, you can always count on these cuties to keep your all datas. Because now you have the option of storing up to 128GB of your precious data.

As a bonus, we also added My Little Pony-themed content on the USB drives. Which includes the personalization suite of super cute wallpapers, icons, and avatars, exclusive MimoByte™ sound software, as well as an entire digital issue of the My Little Pony comic-book, videos, and a preview of the gorgeous new watercolor Pony adventure book “My Little Pony: Under the Sparkling Sea” by award-winning illustrator Mary Jane Begin! My Little Pony Custom Flash Drives = Friendship is Mimobot! Mimoco Blog EX. of The OrganizationContents Use h2 headings for the news,blog and video titles.
You'll to keep your keywords and still keep the text natural and easy-to-read for people.
Your Anchor texts on the web page are not very descriptive.
I would suggest on adding more descriptions.
Your site has a lot click-able images used for navigation.
It has descriptive Alt tags mostly for the products and and menu navigationions. HTML Tags Suggestions You pay a set amount each time your ad is displayed on a page
(whether or not the ad is clicked on) (PPI)Pay Per Impression You pay a set fee on a monthly basis to have your banner ad displayed on a certain page for a 30-day period (banner ads oftentimes qualify as backlinks and can provide some SEO value) Banner Ads After checking your if your existing landing pages are indexed in search engines. The results only Google had completed index. This is good, but I would suggest getting your pages indexed in more than search engines. Because if it's not being indexed on any other search engines, then your website will be all but impossible to find. Indexed Pages Buy Them All! Used throughout SEO in both organic and PPC, keywords refers to the actual words or phrase a user enters into a search engine. Websites and PPC campaigns are optimized around specific keywords. Keywords Social media refers to websites that create a community of users who can interact and share information with each other. Indexed Content. This refers to the pages on a website that a search engine has explored and stored. Link bait is an SEO term for creating something that people want to link to. It is the best way to get links because it is so natural. The search engines want links to be given for something worth linking to not merely as a promotional tool. Attracting people to link to you because of the value you are providing is right in line with their webmaster guidelines and because of this, these types of links are often the most valuable. Link Baits Leave A comment: Submit
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