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Friday * February 6, 2015

No description

Amy Swanson

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Friday * February 6, 2015

Do Now:
On a piece of paper in the notes section of your binder, correct the following sentences which all contain errors.

1. Violence, romance, comedy... You name it; this movie has it!

2. For the first time in a long time I feel well rested, in fact I feel well enough to play in today's game.

3. Suddenly the shopping bag broke. What a mess! Eggs everywhere. Milk everywhere. Not good!
Music Video Friday
It's Taylor's Music Video Friday!

Remember: The learning objective for MVF is to develop our ability to make a claim about THEME or CENTRAL IDEA and support it with evidence, as well as to provide good explanations tying the evidence to the claim.

It's Andrew's Music Video Friday!
Freedom Quilts
Today. you will create your FREEDOM QUILT! Be sure to consult the rubric to make sure your patch is an A+!
Some reminders:
one of the three designs: flying geese, zig zag, north star (hint: use a ruler to make the designs look nice and neat!)
colors and images that reflect facts about the Underground Railroad
Well written, clear explanation of the symbolism to be attached to the back
Stay on task during group work!

Learning Objective: Determine the central ideas in a nonfiction text and represent them symbolically.

Friday * February 6, 2015
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