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2014 Strategic Event Plan - NEW

No description

Lesley Colwell

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of 2014 Strategic Event Plan - NEW

2014 Strategic Event Plan
Suggested Arbor Day Upgrades
Suggested new name: Arbor Day Festival
Change the date to early June, first or second weekend.
Have the event at Prairie Sky Park and have a 5K in the Bluffs.
Create a 5K Run/Walk to start off the event in the morning, "Spring Dash"
Have a Farmer's Market/Organic Event/Whole Foods/Sprouts.
Include a flower vendor, have the vendors donate flower sales back to schools.
Have a tree sale, but hire a new tree vendor.
Booths would still include: Hawk Quest, Petting Zoo, kids crafts, and herb planting activities.
In Anticipation of the 20th Anniversary of the City: Lone Tree Founders Day Event
Option 1: Lone Tree Founders Day Festival - September
City Celebration in September, Lone Tree's Birthday is November 7th, 1995, but because of weather we could celebrate early.
Highlight Lone Tree as a City. Create a Founders Week and include restaurants.
Friday Night Wine Pairing Dinner at the LTAC. Create a wine pairing with a chef demonstration.
Saturday present a Colorado Wine and Chalk Art event in the LTAC parking lot and lobby area. Booths could include: chalk art, food vendors, wine vendors, kids crafts and more!
2013 Event Updates for 2014: Casino Night, Arbor Day and Summer Concerts
Casino Night
Create more of a "game night," encourage people to move around to different games, not just gamble.
Add a band to play for the night.
Arbor Day Event
Shift the date and location to one with better weather chances and higher potential of participation.
Summer Concerts
We would like to concentrate on bringing in higher profile bands next summer by featuring one band each evening
playing from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm.
By upgrading already great established City events and adding new festivals and ideas, this is a recipe for success!
New and broader events are what Lone Tree would benefit from as we move forward as a growing City.
To consider: What could a large festival look like in Lone Tree?
Events could include: Lone Tree Blues and BBQ Festival or Lone Tree Brews Festival.
Larger festivals would require a larger budget, but we could charge a fee for a beer tasting, BBQ tasting or wine tasting.
For Example: Keystone Bluegrass and Beer Festival is free to the public, but its $30 per person for unlimited beer tastings.
This type of event could cost up to $50,000. If you charge $30 per person and 2,000 people attend the event, we have a gross of $60,000.
For the first few years, the event needs to be subsidized until it can cover its own costs.
Budget includes: beer glasses, breweries, security team, staging, sound, tents, tables and marketing.
This event could take place at the ball fields at Prairie Sky Park.
The City of Lone Tree could benefit from a signature event. Events can bring more people to the City and attract more business for local businesses.

2014 Event Line - Up
Casino Night
Arbor Day Festival
2 Summer Concerts
Independence Day Celebration
2 Movie Nights - one for kids and one for adults
Wag N'Romp
Schweiger Ranch Fall Festival
NEW: for your consideration
Lone Tree Founders Day Event
Large scale event
Independence Day Lines for Activities
Option 1: After speaking with Airbound, we believe the best solution to relieving frustration over long lines, is to remove the water ball activity. In their place we would hire roaming entertainment similar to Sven the Juggler.
Option 2: Charge a small fee ($2) per person for low turnover rides such as bungee jump and zip line, still keeping all the other activities free.
Alternative to Fireworks, if necessary
The Laser Light Show was not the right alternative for fireworks. Parker had a laser light show and it did not get a very good review.
Hiring more companies similar to the Yellow Design Stunt Team would be a good replacement, if that issue was to arise again for 2014.
2013 Event Updates for 2014: Independence Day
2013 Event Updates for 2014: Movie Night
Grown up Movie Night at the LTAC
Project on a screen either on the Terrace Stage or on the south side of the building. Staff is researching what will be the option.
Create a drive in type feel.
Bring in food vendors and have alcohol available.
Held at the end of June or July.
Option 2: Heritage and Haunts Festival - October 25th, 2014
Halloween event including a "Spooky Sprint" or "Haunted Trail Run."
Friday Night Halloween themed VIP Dinner, similar to the one above.
Have a trick or treat street and involve the Lone Tree businesses, kids could trick or treat around the businesses.
Halloween themed bands.
Oktoberfest beer sponsor, potential beer garden.
In Anticipation of the 20th Anniversary of the City:
Lone Tree Founders Day Event
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