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Farnsworth Vocab

AP English Vocabulary, Spring 2013

Clayton Olson

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Farnsworth Vocab

Farnsworth AP11 Vocabulary Clayton Olson Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Week Five Week Six Week Seven Week Eight Week Nine Week Ten Week Eleven Week Twelve Week Thirteen Week Fourteen Week Fifteen Aloof Austere Bulwark Cacophony Cerebral Chattel Connoisseur Expunge Incongruous Lament Asunder Efface Evade Forbear Impede Incite Migratory Procrastinate Roster Trenchant to feel sadness or grief Prussian soldiers had no time to lament over their dead during the fight. Fallen and fighting Landwehr in Napoleon: Total War one knowledgeable about artistic works; one with good taste Well ornamented, Gustavus Adolphus appeared to be a connoisseur of many arts. Gustavus Adolphus in Civilization V. moveable or portable possessions In his travels, the adventurer collected and carried much chattel. Inventory of my Nord in ES IV: Oblivion a barrier for defense Following her neighbor's aggression, Catherine built diplomatic bulwarks. Catherine in Civilization V. emotionally distant or unattached uncompromising; disciplined or moral; grave or serious; simple in being a mixture of harsh and meaningless sounds of the brain; of the use of intellect rather than emotion to erase or destroy A victim of the Great Purge, Nikolai Vezhov was expunged from Soviet history. out of place; discordant apart of separated to wipe out, erase, or destroy to encourage to bring to action nomadic or wandering to defer or delay a list, roll or register caustic, cutting, or incisive to avoid using cunning or intellect to withhold, abstain or desist to obstruct or hinder Arduous Beleaguer Bludgeon Dulcet Histrionic Milieu Opportune Porcine Quixotic Reminisce A lazy student may procrastinate in finishing a Prezi. The migratory Saxons wandered Northern Europe. King of the Saxons, Alfred the Great Starting in the third century Anno Domini, the Roman Empire was set asunder. Viking clans famously effaced pillaged lands. Nicolas Roerich "Guests from Overseas" Eastern and Western Empires. Bonnie and Clyde had long evaded the law. The same, perhaps in 1934. The rise of the Red Army militias impeded the reign of Tsar Nicholas II. Russian student militia. The Nazi German invasion of Poland incited the Allied "Sitzkrieg." German soldiers in Warsaw. Armies are well known as prolific users of rosters to list personnel. Army Honor Guard standing for roll call. Milyukov gave a trenchant speech in 1916 on the Russian government, asking if their actions were ". . . stupidity or treason?". Pavel Milyukov. difficult or exhausting to overwhelm or surround a blunt weapon; to attack with such a weapon calming in nature unnecessarily dramatic; theatrical environment or setting coming at a favorable time pig-like impossibly ideal to recall the past Maintaining a larger empire, through another course of events, may have been a quixotic notion for Wilhelm II. An oversized Germany in Victoria II. Beleaguered by Dacian cavalry, the few Roman archers remaining ran away in vain. Roman archers glitching in Rome: Total War. Ancient militaries often employed bludgeons to bludgeon their enemies. Brythonic soldiers bludgeoning Romans in Rome: Total War. With such a beautiful milieu, who in Europe could focus on making war? Prussian armies marching in Napoleon: Total War. As enemies come together, an ARMA II player reminisces about a television program through a loose quote. "I mean, are we some cosmic coincidence. . ." The Fallschirmjäger soldier waited patiently for an opportune shot. Shooting a K98k over a hill in Mare Nostrum. The unexciting landscape made for a more dulcet drive across the battlefield. Sitting in a Kubelwagen in Darkest Hour: Europe. War propaganda often has histrionic symbols of ideas. Soviet propaganda. Strom Thurmond was known for his porcine attitudes during the civil rights era. Strom Thurmond, 1961. Piloting aircraft, including navigating and dogfighting, is an arduous task. Cockpit of a Bf 109 crossing the English Channel in IL-2 Sturmovik The 19th-20th century Greek army uniform was incongruous. Postcard of Greek "Evzones." The Amish are usually considered as having an austere culture. Ney York Amish. Heavily involved in his work, Tesla was aloof with other people. Nikola Tesla. The engines of the endurance cars are a great cacophony. 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Adlai Stevenson was often touted as being too cerebral to relate to the public. Adlai Stevenson, 1961. Stalin was accused of forbearing food during the Ukrainian Holodomor. Starved Ukrainians in the streets, 1933. Ballistics Coterie Enrage Askew Lassitude Cubism Cranny Ambiance Propulsive Cower Irascible Harrowing Endure Laconic Chronic Gossamer Giddy Aptitude Girth capability, talent, or ability constant; habitual to crouch or shrink in fear or shame to bear with patience or tolerance frivolous; impulsive; dizzy something delicate, flimsy, or lightweight. extremely distressing easily provoked using few words; concise Queue to form a line for waiting Accolade Atrophy Caucus Grandiloquent Noxious Proficient Harangue Dromedary Demonic Myriad award or honor degeneration of the body; a decline or decrase a group or meeting formed to further a cause demon-like; inspired as if by demons a single-humped Arabian camel speaking or expressing in a pompous or bombastic way a scolding or verbal attack numerous; great in number or variance harmful to well-being highly competent; skilled Ehrenfest, Paul. Niels Bohr amd Albert Einstein. Photograph. 1925. Leiden. Wikimedia. Web. 3 March 2013. Bohr and Einstein are icons of 20th century aptitude. atmosphere or mood of an environment crooked; out of position the science of the motion of projectiles group of close associates a small crevice; fissure; nook an artistic style formed using geometric shapes to make angry the measure around an object, animal, human, etc. weariness of body or mind causing to move The Nebelwerfer 42 utilized rockets for propulsion. Ryan and Kyle at Rock Island. Self-taken. Grigori Perelman, rather laconically, solved the Poincaré Conjecture. Players often need to wait in server queues. In Fallout, those with money and luck could wait out nuclear war in a Vault. R. Lee Ermey is famed for portraying haranguing tough guys.
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